9 Best done activities in Lake Mburo National Park

9 Best done activities in Lake Mburo National Park will provide you with the most engaged in activities when tourists visit Lake Mburo for a tour. Activities carried out in Lake Mburo national park are hallmark activities which one wouldn’t miss on safari in Uganda and since it is a safari destination which takes a short driving hours of 3 to 4 hours from capital city of Uganda ‘’Kampala’’ Where you can have a game drive viewing safari on a fantastic unique quad bike or horseback riding around the park and this safari experience can only be done from here, not forgetting the 4×4 safari vehicle. And the time is now to book your tour package itinerary at lake Mburo national park and encounter in the wildlife safari on a rare means of transport and end up with everlasting memorable experience to a pearl of Africa.  

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Lake Mburo National park is located in the western region of Uganda in kiruhura district close to the beautiful town of Mbarara, the park is the smallest National park in Uganda estimating 370 square kilometres. To note lake Mburo national park is home to over 350 bird species and 68 species of mammals. However, touring lake Mburo national park is very possible either on foot or vehicle but travellers are advised to be accompanied by a ranger guide rather than exploring the park in your own vehicle without a guide and it is quite possible and safe to get to park’s wildlife species such as warthogs ,zebras ,impala ,Rothschild giraffes ,topi ,eland ,buffaloes ,waterbucks , hynes ,Reed bucks among other ,but leopards are not commonly seen in the park. These species they all inhabits on open land scape, acacia grasslands and marshes as well as wetlands. The park is surrounded with thicker riverine woodland while much of the rest of the park are acacia woodland. Above all, zebras are the most commonly seen animals in Lake Mburo National park.

To note, Lake Mburo National Park sounds like one of the popular touristic destinations with lots of amazing memorable tourist’s activities which include;

Wildlife Game drive viewing

This is the best-done activity at lake Mburo national park which can be conducted on several means of transport that is safari vehicle ,all terrain safari vehicle ‘’quad bike ,horseback riding and one to enjoy this stunning activity of game drive viewing you can use one of the above mentioned means .The wild game drive carried out at lake Mburo national park offers a great chance to tourist to view different wildlife species .Note that ,game drives is best  enjoyed in company of an experienced guide for safety purposes an and to have a successful experience in the wilderness .Mammals you expect to see while on game drive at lake Mburo national park and such animals include; Zebras ,topics ,road antelopes ,leopards ,lions ,hyenas ,lions ,bush babies ,porcupines ,buffaloes all these species can be spotted during game drive in Lake Mburo National park.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing at Lake Mburo National park can be conducted in all the thirteen Lakes in and around the park but mostly at ‘’Lake Mburo’’ being the largest which attracts the number of fishermen. Travellers are required to acquire a fishing permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority and to also carry their fishing equipment   if they are to enjoy the sport activity. Lake Mburo has six major fish types that includes; Tilapia, Lung fish, mud fish and the haplochromes and many more.

Guided nature walk

Lake Mburo guided nature walk offers to participants with escorts who are professional ranger guide at an extent of educational measure. The guided walks carried out in the park covers several interesting trails within the park like the salt lick where travellers can be able to sightsee wide range of wild game that are licking on the salty residues .You can as well hike further through the woodlands where you can be able to view different bird species ,mammals ,the spectacular view of all flora and fauna and many lakes inside the park and outside park as well as the wild game .This is definitely an experience like no other experience.

Bicycle Tours

The bicycle tour is also another adventurous experience used to explore the park and its surrounding areas. Please note that such tours are always guided by a tour ranger who is experienced enough and can be able to answer any questions one might have and keep the travellers out of harm’s way. Along the bicycle trails, one should expect to view a wide range of antelopes, buffaloes, zebras and many more.


Birding at Lake Mburo National park is another thrilling activity to experience in lifetime since the park hosts over 350 bird species including green pigeon, double toothed barbet, crested crane, saddle bill storks, harrier hawk, rare shoebill, African Grey Hornbill, Nubian woodpeckers, Rare white winged warbler, crested francolin. Travellers who are interested in birding visit Uganda birding tours and come up with great sightseeing of beautiful bird species to pearl of Africa.

Horse Back Riding

Lake Mburo national park is the only park in the country where you can encounter the park in its full beauty while riding on a horse something which looks unique and rare experience. The horseback riding in Lake Mburo National park is one of the hallmarks why visitors are increasing in this park each year. All the arrangement for horseback riding are made at Mihingo lodge.

9 Best done activities in Lake Mburo National Park
9 Best done activities in Lake Mburo National Park

Boat cruises

Lake Mburo national park sounds with five lakes that are located within the park and boat cruise can be carried out in some of the five lake. Probably, Lake Mburo itself where you can enjoy your cruise from and get a chance to enjoy flora and faunas as well as the different animals along the water banks of the lake most especially during dry season where hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, antelopes can be cleared viewed while trying to rehydrate in water. Come along water birds which can be seen from this point.

 Forest walks

Lake Mburo national park authorities can also do organise forest walks through Rabongo forest. Such walks are marvellous for birders and nature lovers. The Rubanga forest boosts with 40 bird species and lots of species of tree that include palm, platy caluz, acacia, fig trees and Markhamia among others. Rubanga forest also habits the prehistoric shoebill stock, grey backed cameroptera, green pigeon many more. Travellers to be able to hike in this forest, they must first acquire special permission from the warden.  

Cultural Experience

The park is surrounded with 13 local community groups whom they trained in eco-tourism and biodiversity and we authorised to make a living  out of the different projects they are involved in. Note that cultural Tourism in Uganda is part of the most exciting experience where visitors who usually visit the park often  have a high chance to interact with the local communities and learn their culture experience which is so beautiful and awesome encounter .Such communities where culture experience  can be conducted in from include ;Ankole cultural community group ,Rwenjeru campsite ,the Igongo cultural institute ,Rwabarata drama group they all entertain through local dance ,drama and entertainment ,Rwamuhuka jans good for craft materials  who sell their products to tourists ,the Shara community tourism group ,Masha community wildlife forum as well as Rubale fishing community that offers sport fishing adventures among many.

Where to stay in Lake Mburo National park.

Lake Mburo National park has got very many comfortable accommodation facilities which are liked by the visitors on their Mburo safaris such lodges include; Rwakobo Rock lodge, Eagles Nest, Arcadia cottages, Montana Tented  Camp ,Mburo safari lodge among others.

Getting to Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo National park is can be easily reached from west of Kampala as the main starting point while using Mbarara Road. Note that, the park has two major gates that is Nshara gate and Sanga gate. Of which travellers coming from Kampala passing lyantonde trading centre will use Nshara gate which takes 3:30 hours. Sanga gate, coming from Kampala the main city, you have to turn off left at the Sanga trading centre which is about 35 kilometres before Mbarara and the journey can last for 4 hours.

Amazingly, Lake Mburo National Park boosts with quite a number of adventurous activities where one can book his/her tour packages now and be interested in rewardable and memorable Uganda safaris on the pearl of Africa.

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