Birding in Lake Mburo National Park

Birding in Lake Mburo National Park is one of the most amazing activities that are carried out in the park as travelers get to explore the different bird species. Lake Mburo national park is the smallest Uganda national park covering an area of about 260 square kilometers ,approximately 240 km from Kampala to Lake Mburo. However, the park is a haven for birders and these are the main spotting areas for birders within the park include swampy valleys of Warukiri and Miriti which are positioned between Rwonyo camp and the jetty come along the Rubanga forest. The park hosts 350 bird species of which six papyrus specials are residents, including the spectacular papyrus gonolek and the blue-headed coucal, then the southern species at the northern part of the range include bare-faced go-away bird, Black-collared barbet and the most notable birds in here include African wattled lapwing,black-bellied bustard, Bare faced go away-bird, greater painted snipe, saddle-billed stork many more thus making it best birding destination. Note that, migratory birds are best spotted from November to April. 

Birding in Lake Mburo National Park

The best birding spots in Lake Mburo national park include walking on a platform near saltlick and forest and some of the species to be spotted around include the Bateleur, Rufous-bellied Heron, Grey-crowned crane, Coqui Francolin, Black-bellied Bustard, Grey Crowned crane, Brown-chested lapwing among others. Other recognized areas to view wild ranges  of birds include swampy valley and Rubaga forest and the best spotted species in this location include Red headed lover birds ,Rufous-bellied Heron ,Emerald-spotted wood-Dove ,Ross’s Turaco ,Brown parrot ,Green wood hoopoe ,Yellow- breasted Apalis ,Long tailed Cist cola ,white –winged Tit ,Red shouldered Cuckoo ,shrike ,Nubian woodpecker, Red faced barbet ,shoe bill, Blue headed causal ,Blue breasted kingfisher ,papyrus gonolek ,Mosquito swallow ,Hairy breasted barbet ,African scops owl ,African fin foot ,White winged swamp warbler ,Yellow-rimped tinker bird and all these species and rest which have not mentioned cam make your birding safari to Lake Mburo national park a worth visit to pearl of Africa. And since the best area for spotting birds is Ruganda forest which can be visited /explored while using a vehicle or on foot. But the best way of enjoying bird watching is on foot and on a vehicle you cannot experience bird species very well.

What to things to carry on birding safari?

On your birding safari to Uganda, you should never forget to pack these essentials which can make your experience for birding an awesome encounter and such things include; binocular, field guide book, field journal, bird club membership, birding vest, Comfy footwear, Brimmed Hat, skill-building book, birding song App among others. Remember birding is best done in morning hours and late evening.

Apart from birding in Lake Mburo national park, there are other thrilling activities which can be done by the traveler on Uganda safaris, basically in lake Mburo national park which include; horseback riding which is used on tourist’s game drive within and around the park, game driving viewing, boat ride along Lake Mburo, quad bike experience, night game safaris, Guided nature walk, visit the Ankole culture center among others

What is the best time for birding

The best time for birding in Lake Mburo national park is good throughout the year but there are the best spotting months which start from June to July and December and February when there is least rain and forest trails are easy to be accessed while March and April have the most rain and heavy rain might lea d to impassable roads and difficult in hiking forest trails thus limiting your bird watching time. November and April these are the best spotting months for migratory birds. 

Where to stay while on birding safari in Lake Mburo national park

With no worry, Lake Mburo national park hosts with very many beautiful accommodation facilities that are located inside and outside the park which can be traveler’s choice of stay, accommodation ranges between budget to luxury lodges and such lodges include; Arcadia Lodge, Kijuura lodge, Hyena Hill lodge, Eagles’ Nest Camp, Igongo Cultural Centre, and Country Hotel, Japs Motel Mbarara, Little wood Inn and many more.

Birding in Lake Mburo National Park
Birding in Lake Mburo National Park


Lake Mburo national park can be easily accessed by road which takes 3 to 4 driving hours from west of Kampala the main city to the main destinations passing via Masaka road continues to Mbarara town and break off from there connect to kiruhura district which is the main point of destination.

Travelers who prefer birding, Lake Mburo national park is the right destination for you where you can experience the beautiful birds and rare birds which cannot be found in any other birding destination in Uganda.

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