Accommodations in Uganda are amazing, beautiful and possess uniqueness with panoramic views of nature, civilization, and art. Uganda has got a number of hotels that total up to 3400 hotels which are located in Capital city – Kampala and in other developed towns. They have over 250,000 rooms and 300,000 beds ready to accommodate all these travelers.

Accommodations in Uganda

Accommodations in Uganda are categorized into luxury, mid-range, and budget to suit all the customers’/guests’ budgets. A lot of travelers have decided to visit Uganda again and again because of the comfort they find when they sleep in the accommodations. 

First of all, the Kampala City has the top of hotels where the traveler can stay. There are over 27 luxury hotels with comfortable rooms, giving an individual a great view of the Kampala hills and the beautiful city. All guest rooms in the Kampala hotels are equipped with a seating area that is fully furnished. They have marvelous private bathrooms fitted with bath tabs and flushing toilets, outdoor swimming pools, flat-screen televisions, bars and green gardens with conducive weather. Kampala hotels offers free Wi-Fi and they have shared lounges. To note, they also have good restaurants with delicious food and with well-trained staff. Some of them offer conference rooms with good seating tables and air-conditioned rooms.

Some unique outstanding hotels in Kampala include Sheraton hotel Kampala, Kampala Serena Hotel, Golf course hotel, Hotel African, Pearl of Africa hotels, Grand imperial hotels, La’ Ponye hotel apartments, Speke resort and conference center, HBT Russel hotel,Satelite hotel, Chinese business hotel, Marie’s Royale hotel, Tristar hotel, Jevine hotel, Forest cottages, Pearl cottages, Hilton hotel, Fairway and spa hotel and many more other beautiful hotels.

Uganda has got very many busy and beautiful towns with a variety of unique hotels and is easy to afford and some of the towns include; Entebbe town, Jinja town, Mbale town, Gulu, Mbarara town, Masindi town and many more other busy business towns that are found in Uganda.

Entebbe town is one of Uganda’s largest commercial places to visit and is the location for the biggest airport in the country known as Entebbe international airport where most visitors from foreign countries depart and arrive at. Entebbe is surrounded by water from Lake Victoria the largest lake in East Africa. Above all, Entebbe has got fantastic hotels close to the airport with amazing views of the water. These hotels also range from luxury, budget, and midrange. Entebbe hotels include Blue monkey guest house, K hotel Entebbe, Pineapple guest house, Precious guest house, Best western premier Garden hotel, Secrets guest house, imperial hotels, and many more hotels.

Mbarara town is located in the western part of Uganda, surrounded by very many attractions such as Igongo cultural center, one of Uganda’s wildlife national parks known as Lake Mburo national park with various species of mammals, birds, lakes, swamps and many more. Mbarara town is one of Uganda’s beautiful towns with the busiest business centers and it has a number of unique hotels and these include; Nyaro hillside Retreats, Palace hotel, Pelikan hotel, Lake view Resort hotel, Bema hotel, Wagga Resort Limited, Hotel triangle, Emburara farm lodge, Square suites, Homely nest hotel, Grand hotel international hotel, Oxford Royal hotel, Vine Inn, Agip Motel, Hotel Triangle and many more hotels.

Mbale town is situated in the Eastern region of Uganda and has got nice hotels with good facilities inside the rooms. Some of the nice hotels found in Mbale town are Salem Uganda guest house, Mount Elgon hotels, Lucia villas Mbale, Mbale resort hotel, Kayegi hotel, Palm hotels, Pearl ranges Inn, John k’s homestay, Protea hotel Mbale, Westend inn and many others.

In Masindi town, these are excellent hotels found such as Masindi hotel, Country Inn Masindi, Motel Tuku, Mparo Guest Apartments, Hotel victory Bijja, Kabalega Resort, Murchison backpackers and many more. Varies from budget and midrange.

Fort portal town is located in the western part of the country and approximately 259 kilometers from west of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. The location of the Tooro kingdom is one of the kingdom regions in Uganda, ad comprises of unique hotels with amazing viewing of green vegetation, and rolling hills.  These hotels include; Nyaika hotels, Jerusalem Paradise Hotel Ltd, Mountains of the moon hotel, Kalya court hotels, Dutches hotel and restaurants, Fort motel, Tooro fairway hotel, Fort breeze hotel, Nyara suites, City view hotel and many more.

Gulu town is situated in the northern regions of Uganda and it is estimated at 5 hours and 30 minutes from Kampala by road. To note, Gulu town has got beautiful hotels ranging between budget and midrange and these include, Wellsprings Hotels, Acholi Inn, Hotel Alak continental, Wal Ville suites, Golden peace hotel, Duchy comfortable hotels, Gulu crystal hotel, Days Inn Lira, Alpha Resort hotel and many more others.

Some of the attractions you will meet on your stay in accommodations in Uganda include River Nile the largest River in the world, Lake Victoria , Rwenzori mountain, Murchison falls national park, Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park among other tour destinations

Some lodges and hotels you can sleep in while you are in the Uganda national parks. These include Kyaninga lodge, Baker’s lodge, Mweya lodge, Kyambura gorge lodge, Bwindi lodge, Gorilla forest camp, Ishasha wilderness camp, paraa safari lodge, Red chill lodge Sambya River lodge and many more.

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Accommodations in Uganda

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