Bird Watching in Kidepo National Park

Bird watching in Kidepo is a unique experience of viewing the beautiful bird species in their natural habitats i.e. like forests, swamps, rivers, woodlands among others. Birding in Kidepo valley national park is full of excitement as you can spot the rare bird species easily in the Karamoja region. The region harbours savannah grasslands & montane forest vegetation features. And since the area has semi-arid weather conditions, which provides the park with temporary wetland vegetation yearly that emerge with the rains and cover swamps with water. Those do exist in the oases along the Narus River. This admirable habitat hosts rare birding safaris with a number of bird species making it be among the top-visited destinations in Uganda for birding safaris. To note, the birding safaris experts who can witness or give you knowledge concerning about birds of this region , have come up with sighted record of over 520 bird species in kidepo valley national park ,of which 50 bird species are recorded of being prey in Uganda and kidepo is the  permanent habitant in this territory while a dozen of the prey birds that cannot easily be seen in any other region of Uganda.

Bird Watching in Kidepo National Park

Though Kidepo valley national park is famously known as one of the best destinations to do wildlife safaris. The park also boasts of a high population of the diversity of unique bird species.

To note, the park being a combination of flat plains and short vegetation, this gives a great opportunity of watching bird species on a clear distance from all angles. There is an ideal of scattered trees in the Karamoja plains that helps in the of spectacular viewing of beautiful bird species while resting in with maximum accuracy. The region has a very rich diversity of unique bird species than any other national parks in Uganda, because of interesting climatic changes that bring them a brand of rare bird species. The region its self sits between extreme and conditions of Somali-Masai region and to other parts of the East African grassland region.

Kidepo valley national park is a natural landmark of migratory bird species in movement either breeding or incubating zones. Many travellers who have done birding watching tour in kidepo valley national park have spotted beautiful bird species and large swarms than in other places. Travellers who enjoy visiting birding, Kidepo can be your stopping point of the journey, since it is haven of high population of bird species and there are a number of bird species that can be spotted including rare Kori bustard, unique ostrich, Clapper ton’s Francolin, Black breasted barbet, Broad-tailed Warbler, Silver bird ,Yellow-billed Shrike ,Moustached francolin ,White-billed Buffalo weaver ,Straw-tailed Whydahs ,Red-billed Oxpecker ,Scarlet-Chested Sunbird ,Superb Starlings ,Nubian Woodpecker ,Standard-Winged Nightjars ,African Grey Flycatcher ,Eastern pale Chanting Goshawk ,Yellow-spotted Petronia ,Crimson rumped Waxbill ,African Moustached francolin ,Black-headed plover ,Karamoja apalis ,pygmy falcon ,Verreaux’s eagle ,Egyptian vulture ,Nubian Woodpecker ,Little Green Bee-eater ,Hoopoe ,Abyssinian Ground Hornbill ,Red-cheeked Cordon bleu ,Orange-winged pytilia ,Fan-tailed Raven ,Ethiopian Swallow  among other wonder bird species which can be encountered on Birding safaris in kidepo valley national park.

Besides, kidepo valley national park lies in the semi karamonjo region between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya in the north-eastern part of Uganda. The park covers area of about 1442 square kilometres of its low land which is dominated by mount morungole and is divided by the kidepo and Nuris rivers, valleys and the rugged savannah inhabits with over 76 mammal species and more than 520 bird species and many more.

What to carry on birding safaris?

Travellers who wish to travel for birding safaris, you shouldn’t forget to pack these essential like pairs of binoculars, mineral water bottles, Clear cameras, Safari guide books, Hiking shoes, first aid box, hat, insect repellent and many more.

What is the best time to do birding safaris?

The best time to do birding safaris is all year round mostly from late May through September when the food is abundant and rain is less. 

Bird Watching in Kidepo National Park
Kori Bustrad Bird seen on Bird Watching in Kidepo National Park

Accommodation in Kidepo valley national park.

Many travellers may ask where to sleep on their birding watching safaris in kidepo valley national park, you shouldn’t get worried where to sleep because the park offers with luxury to mid-range lodges which can make your birding watching safaris more comfortable and awesome trip such lodges include; Apoka safari lodge, Kidepo Savannah lodge, Nga’ Moru Wilderness Camp, Apoka Rest Camp, Apoka Banda-UWA.

Birding Watching Safaris in kidepo valley national park is an incredible tour with gaining a view of unique bird species which can make your tour unforgettable. 

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