Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Game drive in Lake Mburo National park is the highlight activity done inside the park and is the same activity which has made lake Mburo national park to be commonly known on Uganda safaris, where tourists get an opportunity to view wide range of different wildlife species on a safari vehicle through the park or even horseback riding. Game drive safaris which are often done on 4x4WD safari vehicles with an open roof for travellers to have a clear rewardable viewing of wildlife species on scenic African landscapes. 

Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is the hallmark of a wide range of mammals of about 68 species of mammals which are endemic to the park. The park most boosts with impalas and spotted zebras and not only these two species but also there are other animals which you can be able see on your game drive safaris such animals include; buffaloes, warthogs, waterbuck, elands, hyenas, and recently giraffes were introduced in the park but leopards are rarely seen.

In Lake Mburo national park game drive viewing is best done in the east of the park which harbours with variety of landscape features which are home to various species of mammals and such habitats include wetlands, acacia woodland, rock outcrops, grassy hillsides, seasonally flooded valley floors these are the best spotting areas for wildlife species in lake Mburo.

Game drive in Lake Mburo national park has truly developed and that’s why this new system was set up to improve on these game drives to make it unique and this lead to introduction of the horseback safaris which is also part of game drive viewing were tourists can be given a chance to tour within the park at the back of the horse and gain with clear viewing of wildlife on the park’s premises. This horseback ride safari is one of the best ways to see wildlife in around the park without any sound of the engine. Since the park does have predators, you are free to enjoy your game drive without fee, though you may go with one experienced guide who can help you with the wildlife movements.

During your ride safari on a game ride, one can feel part of that nature because even shy elands get close to you and even those timid animals can come towards you such as zebras. This is quite rewarding to see the pure black and white stripes in it and also have a chance of feeding it and showing it that you’re of no harm to it.

While on a game drive in lake Mburo national park one can expect to view zebras, impalas, buffaloes, waterbuck, Bogor reedbuck, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, Oribis, white tailed mongoose duiker, Topi, eland, antelopes, klipspringers among others.

Night game drives carried out within Lake Mburo national park is hopefully as you sightsee rarely seen mammals during the day and must be guided night drives. The activity begins at 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm and takes like 2 to 3 hours escorted by a ranger guide. During night game drive is the only where to great chances to see nocturnal animals like pottos bush baby’s, hyenas, serval cats, black galago, thick-tailed galago, white tailed mongoose, porcupines and if you ‘re lucky you can also see leopards.   

What is the best time to enjoy game drive viewing in the park?

The best time to enjoy game drive viewing is early morning at 8 am and late afternoon at 2 pm and as well as at night game drive which begins at 6 pm and these are the best times to roam the park in search of wildlife.

How many sessions of game drive can be carried out in Lake Mburo?

There are two sessions of the game drive being conducted in Lake Mburo that is to say during day time game drive and night game drive safaris. But during day time game drive set out a great adventure where you can be able to view different experience of wildlife species which like to inhabits the vegetation covers and you are most likely to have fantastic sightseeing of areas and behaviours of other game in the same location among others. 

How can tourists be safe on game dive safaris at Lake Mburo?

Tourists are always recommended to book their own ranger escort at headquarters of the park in order to enjoy your safari at Lake Mburo national park safe and secure. And in so booking your own ranger will lead you to have great movements of wildlife and have a rewardable sighting of a large species of mammals.

How much does the ranger escort cost?

The Non-Foreign Resident pays for a ranger escort at $20 and citizenship resident pay UGX 20,000 per day. Then Night game drive for non –foreign residents pays $100 per vehicle and East African residents pay UGX 100,000 per vehicle.

What to carry on your   Game drive safaris?

One shouldn’t forget to pack pair of shorts, stronger lightening touch for night game drive, insect repellent, rain gears during rainy seasons, snacks, first aid kit, sunglasses, bottled water and many more you would prefer to carry on your safari in Uganda at Lake Mburo national park.

Lake Mburo national park is the smallest national park among Uganda ’s national park and is located in the south-western part of the country very close to Kampala main city which takes a short driving hour of about 3 to 4 hour from the west of Kampala while using Masaka road to be able to access the park.

What is the best time of the year to carry out game drive safari?

Note that, Lake Mburo national park is open throughout the year but the best time to visit the park is in dry seasons from June to September and December to February is the best month to see wide range of mammals are concentring on water sources of the park.

Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park
Wildlife to see on a Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Where to stay on your safari to Lake Mburo National park?

Ideally, Lake Mburo national park has got beautiful and comfortable accommodations that fit in everyone’s wallet ranging between Budget to luxury lodges and such lodges include, Mburo safari lodge, Mihingo safari lodge, Arcadia lodge, Rwakobo Rock, Mburo Eagle’s Nest.

Visit lake Mburo national park and meander into a vast wondrous adventure of game drive safari in rewardable savannah grassland and acacia woodland as encounter wide range of species. Note that game drive view carried out in lake Mburo is amazing as one can choose to do it on a horse ride, all-terrain quad bike or else using a safari vehicle, the choice is yours as you will be rewarded with the spectacular scenery of park’s landscape.

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