Entebbe Tour

Entebbe Tour is an ultimate tour of the beautiful and strategically located Entebbe Town in Wakiso district where travelers will encounter a lot.  Entebbe is a city located in the central part of Uganda. It is situated on the Lake Victoria peninsular which is approximately 38 Kilometers in the southwest part of the capital city is Kampala.

Entebbe Tour

Entebbe city was once the capital and the seat of government for the protectorate of Independence in the year of 1962. Entebbe is the home and main entry point of the Entebbe International Airport which is the largest commercial and military port, it has been recorded as a city for the dramatic rescue of the 100 hostages.

The city is the location of the statehouse which is the official office and residence of the President of Uganda.

Entebbe is a local word which means ‘entebe’ meaning ‘seat’/chair. The city was recognized as the site for the Mamba clan called Entebbe za Mugula this is also the main reason the city became a tourist attraction.

The city is located on the north shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in Africa. The town is situated in Wakiso District which is approximately 45 kilometers in the south part of Kampala the capital and largest city.

The Municipality of Entebbe is located on a peninsula of Lake Victoria; this covers a total of 57 square Kilometers out of the 20km.There neighborhoods around the Municipality including Katabi, Nakiwogo, Nsamizi, Kitooro, Lunnyo, and Lugonjo.

Entebbe International Airport is the international airport of Uganda, it is from this airport that Queen Elizabeth 11 departed  Africa and returned to Europe in the year of 1952 after learning that she has become queen after her father’s death. Entebbe airport is a scene where the hostage’s situation and rescue operations took place and ended in the year of 1976.

Entebbe town is beyond the main road and a number of things to discover including the craft village, food markets, gardens, Wild Park, boat rides.

Entebbe Tour is interesting because there is a number of tourist attractions in Entebbe city including National Botanical Gardens the best area for relaxation, birding, and many others.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is located on the shores of Lake Victoria and it’s the former zoo with a wide variety of wildlife protected in the zoo, Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes, birds and many more. Entrance fees are charged in order to maintain the centre of the animal conservation efforts in Uganda.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary: Ngamba Island is a tourist attraction located in a heavily forested island. The sanctuary is home and a rehabilitation center of Chimpanzees. Most of the Chimpanzees rescued and protected in the sanctuary are orphans and the rest were born in captivity. The chimpanzee sanctuary is a care centre for the apes. The traveler can enjoy them as they feed, access the island of chimpanzees on slow boats which is a great excursion or use a speed boat to reach the island this is a half-day outing.

Entebbe fishing: Entebbe has a number of spots where one has a great opportunity to fish and a chance to catch large Nile Perch, fresh fish, and Tilapia. Not only fishing but there is a great excursion as well to see the largest freshwater lake. Enjoy an all-day fishing trip to Ssese island where there are best fishing spots.

Entebbe Beaches on Lake Victoria: There are great places to relax and enjoy. Enjoy the sunset at the beach over the lake and islands there a number of sandy beaches along Entebbe road. The beaches are where people relax, swim, play volleyball and enjoy music and dance.

Lake Victoria: Lake Victoria is the second-largest freshwater lake in the world after Amazon in North America. Visit the attraction and enjoy the amazing views of the sunset, boat cruise to visit a number of islands to cross over to the equator viewing the sun as it sinks towards the Horizon. Have a chance to watch the fishermen as they cast their nets, for bird watcher this will be a great opportunity to spot a number of bird species on Lake Victoria. Mabamba papyrus this area is a birders paradise, where bird species are protected including the rare shoebill stork and other waterbird species, such as Otter and many more.

Uganda Reptile Village: This Is the village of a number of reptiles including the horned Chameleon, forest Cobra, African Rock Python, forest Cobra, and many more to spot at the edge of the Village just in the North of Entebbe.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens: The Gardens are amazing and it is recorded that this is the Original area where the Tarzan Movies were made. The best area to spend your day–relax in flowers, plants, and trees as you watch the bird species, Monkeys and many more. The gardens are a birders paradise and the best place for birding in Uganda where you find a wide number of bird species including water birds. The gardens are a place for leisure walks, tropical plants, and sights and sounds of the birds and primates.

Entebbe Tour
Entebbe Tour
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