Game Viewing Safaris in Kidepo National Park

Game Viewing Safaris in Kidepo National Park are the top done activities in the park a travelers get a chance to view different wildlife species on a drive through the park. They are oftenly done in 4WD cars with an open roof for travelers to have a view of the landscapes and their wildlife species.

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Kidepo valley national park is a highlight harboring more than 75 mammal species of which some are only endemic to park. The park also has a reputation of marvelous carnivorous mammal species that are restricted on this habitat such as the unique cheetah, caracal, striped hyena, bat-eater for and aardwolf. Besides there, other common carnivores in an area like lions, spotted hyenas, leopards, black-backed jackals, serval, cats, side-striped jackals, civets and many more. Kidepo National Park also has unique herbivores that are restricted in this protected area such as klipspringer, greater kudu, lesser kudu, Guenther’s dik-dik, Chandler’s Mountain reedbuck among others. Moreover, the park is a home of a variety of mammals including Rothschild’s giraffes, Uganda kobs, African buffalos, bushbuck, duiker, Bohor reedbuck, Jackson’s hartebeest, waterbuck, Burch ell’s zebra, elephants, bush pig, warthog, eland, Oribi and many more. 

However, the large number of mammal species seem to be scattered in all directions but the most desirable game viewing safaris follow particular trends and they don’t just wander in the wilderness. Game viewing can be done two times a day but depending on visitor’s choice, it may be  during day time or night game viewing, meaning that the time of the day set out for safari you can have different experience of wildlife species which prefer different habits,  vegetation’s covers because during day time there is recent great sighting areas and behaviors of other game in the same location many more.

The amazing game viewing in kidepo is best done or enjoyed in Narus valley because it’s the major source of wildlife species which wonder down with permanent watering holes, fresh grass shortened for grazing that allows mammals to monitor the movements of predators. The predators are also seen hanging around the places where prey are in plenty and within here, the Narus valley is the ideal spot.

On the game viewing safaris encountered in kidepo valley national park, one can see/view the spectacular sceneries of landscapes. Many travelers on a safari of Uganda seek Kidepo Valley National Park to be there game viewing adventure destination because is a territory that will never disappoint. The dry sandbanks in here are gorgeous places to wander in the bush for picnics, sundowner, sand sports onto game viewing safari. Travelers may think that only game viewing is the most rewardable explore in here, but you can still further visit the unique kanangorok hot springs which is a natural spa and get into a body massage at zero price. The Kanongorok hot springs and many others are the perfect things that sweep visitors off their feet in magical Kidepo valley national park which ranks it to be the top Uganda safari tour destination. The game viewing is categorized in many kinds of viewing time process, it can be done during morning hours starting at 8 am, day time at 2 pm and as well as at night which starts at 6 pm in the evening. The morning game viewing safari begins early morning and the visitors who do it when the sunrise has just set out usually have interesting time to witness the natural drama of kidepo. It is also a gaining activity to be in the wilderness late afternoon and witness wildlife wind up the experience of the day.

The Night game viewing safaris is a great experience of nocturnal wildlife species like cheetahs, Reedbuck, Guenther’s dik-dik not forgetting the king of jungle the major predators of African bush; lions, leopards which can be seen feeding on their hinted prey and the view is rewarding animals can be clearly seen run over your safari vehicle, but it requires you and your guide to hold a strong lightening touch to bring out clear animals while opening your eyes widely to see.

How can travellers be safe on game viewing safaris?

The night and day game viewing is it recommended that travellers should book your own ranger escort at Apoka Tourism Office to make your safari at kidepo safe and secure. The moving databank about wildlife and sharing their unique wildlife encounter several ways improves the quality of the game viewing safaris meaning you should book your own ranger guide who is well conversant with kidepo valley’s terrain, wildlife habits and the best places to provide great sighting of species.

How much does a Ranger escort cost?

The Non-Foreign Resident pays for ranger escort at USD 20 and the East African resident pay UGX 20,000 for each day game viewing session.

Night game viewing safari

The Night game drive for non-foreign residents pays USD 100 per vehicle and East African residents pay UGX 100,000 per vehicle.

Game Viewing Safaris in Kidepo National Park
Game Viewing Safaris in Kidepo National Park

Essentials carried on Game viewing safaris

They include Light tops in dull colors, pair of shorts, short-sleeved, safari hut, Cap, sunglasses, safari shoes with worm stocks because you never know when to rain, rain gears in the rainy season, snack, insect repellent, first aid kit, sun scream, carry also a mineral water bottle. 

Kidepo National Park is 600 kilometers from Kampala City the Capital of Uganda by road. The only optional transport means on how to reach to kidepo in by Air through booking a domestic charter flight by the help of recognized tour operator who can make all your necessary arrangement about the flight, accommodation facilities, activities to be engaged in, you can feel free to contact us Achieve global safaris for your reservation.

Kidepo Valley National Park provides the unique and wondrous game viewing safaris in amazing vast savannah grassland of Nuras valley and the spectacular scenery of land scape is rewarding.

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