Getting to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Getting to Rwenzori mountain national park is simple as long as a traveller obtains his or her personal documents and is accompanied by a tour guide for easy direction to the park. However, getting to Rwenzori mountain national park can be accessed whether by car or Air transport to reach there.

Getting to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Rwenzori mountain national park is a famous place of its own with beautiful vegetation and has Africa ‘s third highest peak known as Margherita peak which has made it be among the top-visited tourist destination on African safaris, you can as well book now your tour packages and visit this awesome beauty of the pearl of Africa and once in lifetime have a story to tell others. However, Rwenzori mountain national park is located in western Uganda which is few kilometre north of the equator on Uganda –Congo border. The park is also known of its beautiful plant life coupled with waterfalls, unique mountainous vegetation, glaciers as well as snowfields and has been marked as one of the mainly attractive Alpine areas around the world. The park is under the protection of Uganda wildlife Authority and is on the list of the world heritage site.

To get to Rwenzori Mountain National Park, it is very simple for travellers either by use of road transport or air transport.

By Means of Road transport

Rwenzori Mountains National park sits a few kilometres north of the equator on the Uganda –Congo border. The park has several trailheads but the easiest one is at Ruboni which can be accessed from Kampala the main starting point to the north via fort portal taking 375 kilometres to reach there.

From Kampala via Masaka –Mbarara –Busenyi to Kasese which is about 350 kilometers can take visitors 5 to 6 hours by car

The most interesting and rewarding route is from Kampala passing through Mbarara and Queen Elizabeth National Park taking a distance of about 450kilometer, when Nyakalengija is 17 kilometers off the kasese –fort portal road and 25kilometere north of kasese town. However, it’s long but with very many magnificent sightseeing of wild animals at Queen Elizabeth national park such as seeing a herd of elephant crossing the route you’re using, tree-climbing lion, a herd of Uganda kob and many more.

Therefore, road transport can take long but interesting and full of excitement on the way which can confirm you about a true African country with lots of memorable experience to go back with.

By Air transport

The easiest way to reach the park is by air, like all Uganda’s national park can be easily accessed by domestic flights to those who wish to fly. These are called charter flight or scheduled flight which can be arranged from Kampala ‘’kajjansi’’ or Entebbe international Airport by the help of a tour operator, all you need to do is to send in your copies of personal document early enough to verify your identity. As well as ranging for you the pick-up drops from the airport. 

How long does it take to get from Entebbe Airport to Rwenzori mountain National park?

It estimates 1:15 hours by use of charter flights to land Kasese Airstrip and this is the quickest way to get Rwenzori Mountain national park though it does not reward.

Which airlines fly from Entebbe Airport to Kasese Airport.

Aero link, Fly Uganda, Eagle air they all offers schedules flight from Entebbe Airport to kasese Airport.

How do I get to Entebbe ‘’EBB’’ Airport from Kampala?

Getting to Entebbe Airport from Kampala it can take 40 minutes’ drive only if you don’t find jam.

Where can I stay near or inside Rwenzori mountain national park.

There is a nearby hotel and inside accommodation facilities that available in Rwenzori mountains national park, ranges from Mid-range to luxury and the rooms rate depends on which type of lodge have you chosen such lodges include; 

Equator Snow Lodge is luxury, Ihumba Safari lodge is Mid-range, Ruboni Community camp, Mihunga Safari lodge, Rwenzori Backpackers, Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite, Tours Holiday Inn are all budget accommodation facilities.

Rwenzori International hotel –outside hotel acquiring with the very thing you wish to find in a hotel that fits your comfortable stay.

Getting to Rwenzori Mountain National Park
Getting to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Lastly, this is the only way you can be able to reach the beauty of Rwenzori mountain and have spectacular view of several species like beautiful plant life, primates like black and white monkeys, blue monkeys and as well as encountering an unforgettable experience of 8-day trekking to reach to the top of Margherita peak which is quite rewarding and the view up there are impressive. 

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