Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023? : It is typical to be on the safe side while organizing a safari in a foreign country. Uganda, known as the pearl of Africa,” is one of the must-see destinations on the African continent. It is home to a number of attractions, including the source of the Nile in Jinja, the world’s longest river; Lake Victoria, the second-largest freshwater lake; mountain gorillas, the most endangered primate species; and more, to name a few.

Travel and tourism are typically safe in Uganda. It is regarded as a politically stable nation with effectively managed internal boundaries with its East African neighbors. But much like in any other nation, opportunistic crimes like house invasions, credit card fraud, and small-time theft happen. You can avoid current criminal dangers, terrorist hotspots, and COVID-19 infections by exercising vigilance and abiding by local laws.


Are there terrorist murders in Uganda? Will someone steal my camera from me on the streets of Kampala? Is my safari vehicle safe, or should I be on the lookout for carjackers? Can I eat the meal and drink the water? All of them are general questions that we make and ask ourselves before visiting other countries.

A visitor’s trepidation about visiting a foreign location is to be expected. Thousands of tourists safely travel to Uganda each year, and many of them do so to observe the strange primates that live there in the ancient tropical jungle. According to UK travel advice, around 15,000 British nationals travel to Uganda annually. The majority of visits go smoothly. Additionally, Uganda has not seen a war since the 1980s, so the answer is Yes it is safe to visit Uganda in 2022-2023.

Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023?
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However, you can only put your fear of the unknown to rest after you have all the information at hand. Therefore, you should use this guide as your travel advisor for Uganda. “Terrorist attacks are fifty times more likely to kill you in London or New York than in Uganda. In addition, there hasn’t been a conflict in Uganda since the 1980s.


Due to extremely active security personnel and a wary populace, Ugandans endure long periods of terror-free living. Whether it is the domestic terror cells like the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the Allied Democratic Services (ADF), or the transnational Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Ugandan men and women have been leading at the frontlines in the nation’s security forces’ long-running wars against terrorism.

No matter how vigilant security is, a few people still manage to get past the checkpoints and take innocent lives in the name of their god. In response to three suicide bombings that occurred in Kampala in November 2021 and resulted in the deaths of the bombers and four citizens, there was a significant threat of terrorism throughout the East African region. After experiencing a series of bomb explosions in the same month, the GoU issued a number of notifications cautioning of a heightened risk of terrorism. Threats have been eliminated, though.

Terrorist strikes can occur anywhere, even in areas that are popular with international tourists and expats. Public areas and areas with large crowds of people may also be targeted. Together, regional security forces work to eliminate terrorist financing infrastructure, minimize state vulnerability, and improve emergency readiness and response capabilities. Uganda is the country that contributes the most to the AMISOM forces on behalf of the African Union. In this capacity, Uganda has led the war against the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab.

 The governments of Uganda’s neighbors have helped make it easier to apprehend terrorist ringleaders. Within Uganda’s boundaries, the populace has been enlisted to remain watchful and alert at all times. These measures were successful in stopping terrorist agents from carrying out their nefarious deeds and resulting in their detention. Uganda is still hunting down the terrorists and stopping them before they can wreak havoc and claim innocent victims.

Always be on the lookout for potential threats, especially in crowded places like hotels, transportation hubs, restaurants, and bars, at times of large crowds like athletic or religious events, and while nearby government buildings or security facilities like police stations. The security forces, locations where football matches were being watched, restaurants, buses, and government offices have all been targets of previous terrorist attacks and attacks that were disrupted in Uganda.

Alerts are frequently sent out by the Uganda Police Force, especially during significant religious or national holidays. You should always be on the lookout and heed the authorities’ instructions.


Threats from crime exist, just like they do in every other country on the planet, but they can be reduced by exercising prudence. Although Uganda is a highly safe country, it nonetheless experiences opportunistic crimes, including home invasions, credit card fraud, and small-time theft. Being a victim is extremely unlikely, and incidents are most likely to occur in urban areas like Kampala city and Jinja. Please exercise caution and vigilance when in public locations to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself and making yourself less appealing to pickpockets.

The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF), sometimes known as the local police, has seen an increase in success in its efforts to discourage crime through routine patrols and deployment in key crime hotspots. With camouflaged security posted at the airport, borders, and public areas, the police are clearly present everywhere. The tourism police, park rangers, military army, and hotel/lodge security staff are all present to protect guests’ safety throughout Uganda’s national parks and tourist spots.


Travel warnings have previously advised against visiting the northeastern Ugandan province of Karamojong. The Ugandan military engaged in combat with the Lord Resistant Army (LRA), an insurgent group that had caused disturbances in northern Uganda in 2005. The region is now thriving again after the national army drove the rebel group out of Uganda and into South Sudan.

 In West Uganda, the government’s hostility toward the Rwenzururu Kingdom grew violent in 2016. Despite the tragic loss of 100 lives, the situation was brought under control, and now it is safe to drive in the area. The state of security has generally improved again. The Ugandan government, the civilian police, and the international community have succeeded in removing any threat posed by these groups.

Like many other democracies throughout the world, Uganda occasionally experiences brief periods of political change. The majority of Uganda’s political upheaval often occurs in and around Kampala city, far from the magnificent safari attractions. Political unrest, strikes, and protests can occur suddenly and randomly. Even though they are usually under control, protests can occasionally be forceful and violent.

You may simply avoid any situation that could put your safety at risk by keeping up with local media updates, which will help you stay cautious in these circumstances. The rural areas of Uganda are as tranquil as the ocean’s depths. However, in this age of the coronavirus, big cities like Kampala are a breeding ground for diseases, aggravating traffic, and unpleasant political demonstrations. If you don’t enjoy crowds, it would be beneficial to stay away from Kampala.

Entebbe, a peaceful neighborhood 34 kilometers outside of the capital city and home to the statehouse with increased security, is the place into which you fly to reach the Pearl of Africa. Entebbe is a wonderful city for unwinding, strolling, and learning about Uganda. Nevertheless, there are times when you’ll leave Entebbe as soon as you land by car or plane to visit the nearby tourist spots, Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023?


In the most recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Uganda experienced the same fate as the rest of the world. With everyone on board, the nation has impressively stabilized the situation, and things are gradually getting back to normal.

Northern Uganda saw a yellow fever outbreak in 2010. Western Uganda saw an Ebola outbreak in 2008. West of the Nile River, outbreaks of the black plague have been reported. We are all aware of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The same is true of Uganda. Except for high-altitude Mountains over 2,000 m, malaria is a serious threat in most places and throughout the rainy season. Over the years, the government has done a remarkable job managing these outbreaks, Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023?

Travelers are encouraged to bring their own supply of prescription and preventive medications or a doctor’s note outlining the medicines they will be taking because excellent health services may be scarce in the locations you are visiting (especially in the outlying countryside). Locally available medical evacuation services can be highly expensive. Before departing for a foreign country, please verify with your medical insurance provider whether emergency evacuation costs are covered by the plan.


Traffic fatalities are reported, but they can be prevented if you pay attention to and abide by the law. On Ugandan roads, however, you will come across negligent drivers; people crossing the street; cattle wandering onto the road; poorly maintained cars (without stop or indicator lights); poor road conditions; a lack of broken traffic lights; and dimly illuminated roads. Although daytime driving is thought to be safer, unpredictable road conditions and negligent drivers can still result in fatalities.

 Please practice defensive driving techniques when driving in Uganda to protect both your safety and the safety of other road users at all times. There has been progress in the minimal police enforcement of traffic laws. Our drivers at Achieve Global Safaris are exceptionally trained and knowledgeable about driving in Uganda. They are more familiar with these routes than others, and they will make every effort to ensure that your trip is both safe and comfortable, Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023?


The reported disasters or environmental hazards include food insecurity, mostly brought on by drought and other underlying causes; infectious disease outbreaks; torrential rainfall causing flash floods or landslides; and short-term food security. The majority of the LRA-controlled communities in the north can only produce on small plots of land with cattle and have little to no money to buy food.

Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023?
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As long as female tourists take the customary precautions to avoid becoming victims of crime, rape, or other serious offenses, Uganda is generally a safe nation to visit. There is no need to rush your safari to this magnificent nation in order to admire its captivating beauty, Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023?


In a recent poll of African nations, Uganda was rated as one of the 10 friendliest and most friendly nations in Africa. Visitors’ safety and well-being in Uganda are frequently on their minds. Visitors frequently experience greater safety, comfort, and welcome in the Pearl of Africa than in their own nation.


Although, like anyplace else, minor thieves may try to take advantage of people who leave phones and valuables unattended, Kampala is one of the safest capital cities in East Africa. However, just as in any other nation, you can avoid current crime threats by exercising vigilance and abiding by local laws while on your safari there.

Because of these facts, we can infer from the safety issue that Uganda is a safe place to travel.

  • Because of increased security measures put in place since 2010, there have been no terrorist attacks in Uganda, Is it Safe to Travel to / Visit Uganda in 2022-2023?
  • Security procedures are followed in public areas like malls, hospitals, and hotels to protect both visitors and Ugandan residents.
  • Any outbreak of an infectious disease is immediately contained and controlled to protect both domestic residents and visitors from getting sick.
  • When you book with Achieve Global Safaris, our knowledgeable driver guides will guarantee your safety on the roads as you travel through Uganda and take pleasure in your vacation.
  • You need to be aware of your surroundings and be watchful by arming yourself with safety and crime prevention advice. Before your trip, get comprehensive travel and medical insurance to protect yourself from any unanticipated crises. Consume hygienic foods and beverages to prevent cases of food poisoning and cholera.
  • A secure, friendly, and welcoming environment without any feelings of intimidation has been mentioned by numerous travelers who have reviewed and shared their experience of their visit to Uganda on forums.

Is traveling in Uganda secure? Yes, in our opinion and based on our experience. A safe safari destination is Uganda. You may have a secure vacation with your entire family by booking a safari with Achieve Global Safaris. And you can look over our Trip Advisor evaluations before relying solely on our word. When you are greeted at the airport upon arrival and are in the hands of a Achieve Global Safaris guide or driver throughout your trip to Uganda, you will definitely feel at ease and secure.

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