Lake Mburo Safaris

Lake Mburo Safaris are the different Uganda Safari Packages that travelers book in order to enjoy the amazing sights in Lake Mburo National Park. Lake Mburo National Park is a truly interesting wildlife reserve though it is the smallest national park among Uganda’s parks located in Kiruhura district and is the only closest national park to the capital of city of Uganda Kampala approximately 240 kilometers by road transport. The park has a total area of about 370 square kilometres  including the five lakes plus lake Mburo inclusive. Lake Mburo national park is rich in diversity of wildlife species which include giraffes ,buffaloes .elands ,zebras ,Oribis ,topis ,warthogs ,waterbucks many more on your visit to Lake Mburo you will be in position to watch water species like hippos ,crocodiles in addition ,the park is also a home to various species of birds over 350  some are savannah birds ,forest birds ,water birds few to mention include cist cola, Great snipe, African finfoot, Saddle-billed stork, Abyssinian ground hornbill,tabora cist cola, brown chest wattle plover among others. 

Lake Mburo Safaris

However, Lake Mburo national park, has got gorgeous and interesting activities one to engage in and keep on desiring for more visit to the park. Some of the most done and enjoyed activities at Lake Mburo national park include Game drive within the park, rare horseback riding where you can be able to view wildlife with clear sightseeing on a large ground, boat cruise on Lake Mburo, birding, Nature walks, fishing, cultural encounter, cycling and many more. The park can be reached in two gates that is Sanga gate which can be accessible while driving from Kampala side and Nshara gate can be easily accessible when one is coming from Mbarara side.

Below are the major safaris carried out in Lake Mburo national park which are considered to be rewarding and such activities that take one’s heart to the desire for more visit to the park include;

Game Drive

This is the most done activity here and on savannah African safaris which is considered to be rewarding and therefore, by all means, game drive is the prime activity one wouldn’t have missed to engage in while at wildlife safari Uganda. Lake Mburo game drives is one of the amazing opportunity where one can view the park’s constituent that is birds and wildlife species. Game drive at Lake Mburo is conducted by experienced guide under the supervision of the ‘’UWA’’ Uganda wildlife Authority rangers who are designated to make sure that everything goes well. 

Lake Mburo national park  boosts with variety of wild life and bird species among which can be  spotted , they include Antelopes like Elands, topis ,warthogs ,Uganda kobs ,other animals such as buffaloes ,giraffes ,zebras ,water bucks ,impalas .This is the only famous park to be a home to impalas .Other thrilling features to look at while at the park are the rewardable beautiful sceneries ,the parent rocks and savannah .To see more other rare  wildlife you can decide to participate in night game drive where you can be able to see leopards ,hynes ,bush babies and porcupines.

Boat cruise 

Another gaining activity one to opt for on her visit to Lake Mburo national park is a boat cruise. The cruise you take on Lake Mburo allows one to view amazing flora and fauna at the national park, come along with water species such as hippos, crocodiles, waterbird species like African fish eagles, king fishers, herons, pelican, cormorants, unique shoebills and hammer kob. Note that during the dry seasons, some wildlife species are also frequently habitant to the water areas some of which include buffaloes, antelope and can be view along the banks of lakes quenching their thirst.

Birding at Lake Mburo national park has become an interesting attraction at the park. The park harbours with huge bird species that frequently storm the park and the best spotting areas within the park are at salt licks area ,Rwonyo camp ,Lubanga forest ,swampy valley of Mariti and at the road sides .And the notable bird species to be viewed at Lake Mburo national park include rufous bellied heron ,Coqui francolin ,emerald spotted wood  ,bare faced ,crowned cranes ,yellow breasted apalis ,long tailed cristocola ,king fisher ,African fish eagle white parrot red shouldered tit black bellied bustard many more.

The park is famously becoming a birding paradise and in this case visitors /tourists are increasing to visit the park in order to view the several beautiful bird the park has .The  search for birds at lake Mburo park has exempt other parks in the country to the a haven for birders and the fact is that Uganda harbours with over 1070 bird species meaning is a truly birding destination .Besides that  Lake Mburo national park is a home of 350 bird species of which some of them can’t be seen elsewhere across the county and other Uganda national park .Spotted birds at Lake Mburo can be composed into 3 types that is water birds, wetland birds, forest birds and savannah birds. To some of the forest species of birds include Common scimitar bill, Bare-faced Go-away birds ,Ross’s Turaco ,Green wood hopes ,Emerald spotted Wood Doves & many more .And for one who wishes to participate in birding experience ,the prior booking have to be made with the park wardens,

Guided Nature walks

Guided nature walk at Lake Mburo national park is a highly recommended activity. The park is open yearly and to all travellers who wish to do guided nature walks can be carried out by a ranger guide. Lake Mburo guided nature walk starts at Rwonyo the park centre, from here the guide will lead you to several trails within the park like the walk to salt licks  a place to see numerous wildlife species. At the salt lick, wildlife themselves enjoy the taste of the salty licks which is made up of water and soil. The good time for nature walk starts from 7:00 am and can take 2 hours. Another guided walk takes place at the western part of lake Mburo where you can be able to explore with the hippos coming out of the waters as well as the hyenas returning to their hideout. The most exciting trail walk takes you through the forest unearthing view of the species of the birds that inhabit to the forest, you can as well do other walks in the park’s woodland and have great opportunity to view other animals as you hike to the top of the hills and get exposed to 9 sections topped up with the 14 lakes around the Lake Mburo national park.

One to be able to engage in guided nature at Lake Mburo national park requires him or her to carry the right clothes, hiking shoes, lunch box, enough mineral water and during the hike, you will be position to sit at the edge of one lake to have lunch as you will be having an amazing view of the national park and these are under the preparation of the Uganda wildlife Authority.


This is also another tourism activity conducted at Lake Mburo national park and notes that Lake Mburo inhabits with 6 fish species and the most caught fish species is tilapia. Other species include lung fish, catfish, tiger fish, Angola fish, and barbell. However, to travellers who interested in fishing safaris are highly recommended to carry their fishing equipment and as access permits from Uganda wildlife Authority.

Lake Mburo national park sounds with five lakes inside making a total of 12 small lakes altogether around the park and inside the park lake Mburo being the biggest one. To fisher men they prefer fishing from Lake Mburo instead of other lakes around. From here, tourists can also participate in the fishing activity and later transport the fish to the lodge where they prepare it for and enjoy Uganda’s delicious types of fish.

Horseback riding

This is a unique activity that can only be found in one national park in Uganda that is Lake Mburo national park. Horseback riding is also one of the best activities to carry out game view experience when you leave alone the vehicles. Game viewing is rewarding while riding a horse. To note horse riding while viewing wildlife can only be conducted at Lake Mburo national park and it can be done at Mihingo lodge under the supervision of trained staff in conjunction with the lake Mburo park rangers. The horseback riding activity can last 1 to 3 hours as you adventure the beauty of the national park scenic savannah as long as viewing the wildlife. This is a breath taking imagination activity as you can be seated on a horse moving around into the savannah to observe the uniqueness of the wild game.

Lake Mburo Safaris
Lake Mburo Safaris

Horse riding can be conducted in the morning, evening and also at overnight as you can be amazed by the sounds of the wildlife and probably that of the horse you ride on. To travellers who visits lake Mburo national park for horse riding game viewing safaris, you’re advised to sleep at Mihingo lodge since it is the starting point for this gorgeous activity and horse riding permits are sold here at Mihingo lodge.  

Salt lick

The salt lick is around shallow water hole which is located in the middle of lake Mburo national park, which contains salty soils that the wildlife prefers most because of that salty taste. This is a stunning place for wildlife at lake Mburo national park mostly the antelopes which like to hung around as they enjoy the salty taste by the licking the soils.

Other activities to can be explored on your safari in Uganda at Lake Mburo national park, they include; Exploring Rubanga forest, visiting the Igongo culture centre, encountering in lake Mburo cultural experience, experiencing in bicycle tours among others which can make your safari at Lake Mburo national park truly awesome encounter on Uganda safaris. Book now your trip to Lake Mburo national park and experience the beauty of the pearl of Africa.

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Lake Mburo Safaris

Lake Mburo Safaris

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