Lake mutanda is small fresh water body in the south western part of Uganda that is situated in the north Kisoro town where Kisoro district headquarters are positioned. It estimates 20 kilometers north of the Kisoro town and settles in the foothills of the Virunga mountain ranges at a high altitude of about 1800 meters and the three volcanoes within the ranges are located on the side of Uganda such volcanoes include Mount Muhabura, Mount Sabinyo, and Mount Gahinga which provides great views from the lake.

Lake Mutanda

The lake’s environment on the islands within the lake offers beautiful scenery and the other part is surrounded with countrysides such as lakeside forests and wetland habitats with gentle giant “endangered mountain gorillas” and in addition to the great apes and golden monkeys in the nearby Mgahinga gorilla national park.

There are other lakeside environments that boast with a variety of animals and plant species, bird species such as kites, kingfisher birds, ibis, Uganda’s national bird famously known as a crested crane. The lake shores also support various amphibian species like snakes, chameleons, monitor lizards, frogs and many more. Lake Mutanda location estimates 454 kilometers by road in the southwest direction of Uganda’s largest city ‘’Kampala City’’ and in 8 to 9 hours by road to reach there and another optional is by charter flight from Entebbe Airport which takes 1:40hours to Kisoro Airstrip the nearby Airstrip along Lake Mutanda. 

Lake mutanda is one of the most beautiful and scenic lake in Africa with gentle breeze cool climate where one can have breath-taking, stunning and it is a perfect base for gorilla trekking since it is nearby Uganda’s Mgahinga gorilla national park which is a home of endangered mountain gorillas, volcanoes hikers, bird lovers as well as those looking for a secluded place in nature.

Lake mutanda is within striking distances of mountain gorillas to the southern direction of Nkuringo sector one of the four sectors in Bwindi national park where a traveler can also engage in encountering with one of Bwindi’s gentle giant “mountain gorillas” to most people this is absolutely highlight of their tour in Uganda. Visiting one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa which you will never regret in a lifetime and it can be a perfect base for your gorilla trekking tours.

Lake Mutanda offers several activities such as Volcanos hiking, gorilla trekking, Relaxing, bike riding, encountering the Batwa trails, lake loungers, bird lovers, swimming, hiking around lake mutanda, climbing.

Fishing on Lake Mutanda: Sportfishing is not recommended as tourism activity on lake mutanda but because of its beautiful scenery alone which has attracted most of our visitors to dip a line into the water along here and most of them have been successful in catching types of fish for their lunch or dinner. The fishing activity can be arranged for you along here with help of local fisherman who makes it a great culture for our clients and the possibility of fishing along lake mutanda is high especially when you’re staying right on the lake like Mutanda lake Resort  and you can get the fishing equipment from the lodge you’re staying. 

Canoe at Lake Mutanda: To explore the lake’s many beautiful islands can be easily done on traditional dugout canoes just like the local fishermen who lead you on safe sailing and quite lake who are professional in transporting people and their goods on those islands, fishing, mainland and many more. Lake mutanda is a vibrant lake to explore using dugout canoe in such way of birding as well as swimming in the lake which is the most fantastic thing to do here because it is bilharzia free water, and as your enjoying your canoeing there is rewardable panoramic view across these peaceful islands, studded water towards Virunga mountains and great view of countryside and bamboo forest among others.

Relaxation at a beautiful scenery: Lake mutanda is a perfect base for gorilla trekking, hiking which can be done in the southern part of Bwindi in Nkuringo sector but after gorilla trekking, you are free to chill out along the shores of Lake Mutanda in the shadows of the offspring in Virunga volcanoes. Enjoy your local delicious food with freshly caught whole Tilapia as you also view the beautiful scenery around. Before dinner you can as well try on one of Uganda’s Favourite drinks such as Uganda waragi with krest Bitter lemon, Nile special drink which is made at the source of the Nile in Jinja. We suggest that you can try reading one of our gorilla books as you’re relaxing while having great breath taking the air. You’re able to take photos as much as you wish on this beautiful stunning lake. 

Hiking around lake mutanda: Lake mutanda is the best highlight for hikers which can take two days hiking from one of Bwindi’ gorilla sectors Buhoma region to Nkuringo and the second day it can be  conducted down to lake Mutanda on a canoe ride trip across the lake before it ends .Since there are several natural trails where you can enjoy your hiking from and you can decide to stay here for a week in nice accommodation facilities .As you carry out your hiking along here there are guides who leds you to nature walks ,hill terrain and many more.

Mountain biking around Mutanda bike ride: Mountain biking is quite challenging around here and bikes to the used they can be rented in Kisoro town for you to enjoy the most exhilarating experience. The terrain around lake mutanda is not flat so mountain biking is the most done activity in this area to make your perfect day. We can as well arrange for you picnic lunch that we bring along or having your lunch at a restaurant in Kisoro town or any other hotel during your biking day.

Mgahinga national park: Mgahinga national park is one of the beautiful places that are located nearby by the lake, from lake Mutanda it is few kilometres a way to Mgahinga national park which is a home of endangered mountain gorillas where you can do gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, nature walks through Batwa trails, birding, volcano climbing on three volcanoes which can take 5 to 8 hours’ day hikes and many more.

Mgahinga national park is Uganda smallest park that sounds with gorilla trekking activity, golden monkey tracking, volcano climbing and to reach there it can take only one-hour drive from a lodge along Lake Mutanda. There are other things to do and see at Mgahinga national park such as Encountering the Batwa people the forest original people.

Climb Mount Sabinyo’ ’Old Man’s Teeth’’: Mount Sabinyo has three challenging peaks to climb and the first trails leds you up a ridge along the eastern part of peak and if you wish to climb in the second peak  involves in walking a ridge with great view of snow Rwenzori and breath taking drops into the gorge of Uganda and Rwanda then the hiking up to third peak is bitter steep with several ladders as you climb but be sure about your hands they can get dirty as you try to defend yourself on en route to peak 3. The sabinyo hike there is good chances of spotting Rwenzori Turaco, Sunbirds , golden monkeys , duikers and many more.

Climb Mount Muhavura ‘’The guide’’: Mount Muhavura is truly humbling and acts as a guide as you engage in climbing activity along here, when you reach on top there is awarded views over Rwanda, Congo, clear view of all other Virunga volcanoes, lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth national park, peaks of Rwenzori mountains as well as viewing beautiful bird species like Scarlet tufted malachite sunbirds among others.

Encounter with the Batwa people: The Batwa people are the first people to inhabitant forest who lived together with gorillas in harmony and left a small environmental footprint, though they still live in the same area. There are two forest trails near lake mutanda and Buniga forest that leads you to Batwa trails in Mgahinga national park. Visiting Batwa people you get to learn their traditional cooking, entertain to you their traditional local dances and songs.

Gorilla trekking Bwindi impenetrable forest: Travellers who usually visitlake Mutanda they have high chances of access to the southern area of Bwindi impenetrable forest where they can encounter one of Bwindi’s gentle giant the endangered mountain gorillas which has made a number of people to be their absolute high light on their tour to Uganda. The Bwindi areas where mountain gorillas can be trekked from such as Rushaga and Nkuringo are just an hour’s drive from lodges along Lake Mutanda and sometime clients prefer to stay along beautiful lake Mutanda with gorilla trekking.

Lake Mutanda
Amazing views of the Lake Mutanda

The Rushaga sector offers the most gorilla families where you can engage in gorilla habituation experience meaning you can be with gorillas for 4 hours in Rushaga gorilla family. Bwindi impenetrable forest is the reason to why most visitors choose to stay at lake Mutanda.

The Resort offers nice accommodation combined with the most beautiful views on planet earth such hotels and lodge ranges from luxury, mid-range and budget include; Karungi camp, Mutanda Lake Resort, Bwindi Jungle lodge, Chameleon Hill lodge, Travellers Rest hotel, Golden monkey Guest House and many other nice accommodation facilities.

Lake Mutanda Resort is one of the most highlands of southern of Uganda with several unique activities you can engage in providing to you with great scenery, panoramic view of volcanoes, breath taking, relaxation as well as gorilla trekking tours since it is closer to Mgahinga gorilla national park all these gorgeous activities can make your tour perfect along lake Mutanda and it involves in visiting other beautiful surrounding places.

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Lake Mutanda

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