Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park is an emotional experiential activity with more of research that involves in one taking a near look at lions and learning the way they behave in the jungle. The Lion Tracking process is usually accompanied by the researcher assigned by the Uganda carnivore project. The lions have radio collars which help the trackers to monitor the movement of the lions. The project that assists you in the research of lions is under the management of Uganda wildlife Authority. 

Lin tracking is done in the Kasenyi plains and ishasha sector found within Queen Elizabeth national park. Lion tracking is one of the in creditable experimental activities done on Uganda safari tours. Amazingly on 11th –February-2019 they reported that a new pride has been spotted in Hamukungu where the 11 lions were killed through poisoning them. To mention, the pride had 2 lionesses and 7 cabs.

How much does Lion Tracking Experimental Activity cost in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion tracking Experience permits are sold at Uganda wildlife Authority as a fee of USD50 for foreigners and member of East African Community pay UGX 100,000 per person per day. And on this amount a USD10 is paid to the Uganda carnivores project, the body that is responsible for the conservation of the lions in the park and it is inclusive to the park entrance fees in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion tracking being a research activity, they allow few travellers to go with the professional researchers to track the lions in the open savannah plain within the protected park. The researchers are provided by the Uganda carnivores project ‘’UCP’’ and being a limited number of trackers allowed to their natural habitat, it means that if you prefer to join the team you have to book in advance in the order they reserve to you the date for your track. This gorgeous activity can be done twice a day and takes 2 to 3 days, the first activity starts in the morning hours at around 8 am and late afternoon.   

Why are there limited participants in Lion Tracking

This fantastic lion tracking needs a limited number of participants not like any other game viewing experience because it involves in researchers. So any activity that implies in researchers in order to collect accurate information, few participants are allowed to engage in the lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park. 

The other reason is to avoid stressing the animals because lions in Queen are not familiar to human presence so a lot of people can actually stress them which is a dangerous incident for the sustainability of the eco-system. It gives you a high chance to have rewardable viewing.

How is lion Tracking activity conducted in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

The lion Tracking activity in Queen Elizabeth National park can be conducted in different places within the park which starts early enough in the morning time at around 8 am to track lead by the researchers who monitor about the king of the African jungle in the bush.

Lion tracking is done by researchers using radio signals to locate the movements of the lion hideouts. And the data being collected by the researcher team helps to prove better conservation and understanding of the wildlife. 

The lion groups are called pride and they move in the groups of 3 to 25 individuals and the number can increase during the tracking activity, to note, its ideal to keep your eye open to note down the first number of pride to avoid repetition.

For resistance, male lions have a black mane and this is how differently they look from the lionesses and lionesses they do not have manes though sometimes they are stronger than the male, they can fight with the male lion to protect their cabs from being killed by the pride of the male. However, it is good to take note of the different signs that can help in the movement of the lions.

The fact is that participate and researchers also take note of the crooked grass in the plains that can help you to know the direction where the lion has moved and in Queen Elizabeth national park there is 95% way of the possibility of seeing lions in savannah plains of kasenyi.

Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park
One of the Lions with a radio Collar for tracking

There are other activities that can turn up your lion tracking experience into sounding memorable experience in Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth national park boasts with a lot of amazing activities that have made it the most visited national park in Uganda. The park is located in the south western region of Uganda and was created in 1952 has a game reserve to inhabit a variety of species such as 95 mammals, 620 bird species, tree species, forest, crater lakes, swamps, vegetation among others. And these are other activities that you add on your lion tracking experience in Queen as follows;

  • Chimpanzee tracking which can be done in kyambura gorge located inside the park, you get to learn about the habituated chimpanzee’s lifestyle, behaves, take pictures and also enjoy the beautiful view of the scenery of the gorge.
  • Birding, first all the park host with over 620 bird species that link Uganda and Congo where you can spot both the eastern and central African birds like the rare shoe bill stork, great flamingo, king fishers and many more. 
  • Guided nature walks and hiking along maramagombo forest and mweya peninsular which can be enjoyed on foot while listening to the sounds of the wild in Queen Elizabeth national park
  • Do culture encounter from the nearby communities where you can meet with the local people you interact with them, find out great works to the conservation nature, visit the handmade craft shop which are made with a lot of love for you. You can as well encounter the bat cave on the beneath of maramagambo forest.
  • You can enjoy the boat cruise along the impressive kazinga channel while gaining with a cool breeze from the cool water and the possibility of seeing hippos is very high on kazinga channel, view water birds, animals around.
  • Mongoose tracking, this is a unique activity done on foot with the help of the guide who leads you through the track in Mweya peninsular within the park. This activity can take three hours to learn about the behaviours of these small animals. All these amazing activities can maximum your visit on Uganda safari Tours especially in Queen Elizabeth national park which is a short drive to the northern Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

Getting there

It takes a few hours to reach Queen Elizabeth national park by Air because it offers 3 airstrips located in different positions of the park. You can fly to and from Entebbe Airport in less than 1:15 hour by air to land to mweya Airstrip. By road can be accessed from Uganda’s capital city Kampala lasting 5 to 6 hours by car.

The lion tracking tour is one the most interesting experiential tourism activities on African safaris and here in Uganda is awesome activity in Queen Elizabeth national park where you spend more time learning about these predators in the jungle through lion tracking than the usual game drive.

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