Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safaris

Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safaris are some of the most interesting tours in Uganda since the park is known for having a large number of wildlife species. Queen Elizabeth National Park is truly undoubtedly Uganda’s most visited National park and travelers destination, located in the South western part in Kasese district of Uganda at the edge of western Rift valley closer to snow Rwenzori mountain ranges. The park has got various ecosystems made up of sprawling open savannah grasslands, fertile swamps, moist forests, several crater wonder lakes that wind through the rolling hills. You can have a rewardable display of the Kazinga channel, moist forests that is Maramangambo forest, all these natural environments are home to the biodiversity of wildlife, bird species, primates among others.

Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safaris

Queen Elizabeth national park lies at the back drop of Rwenzori mountain with a spectacular  view of several wondrous crater lakes, Kazinga Channel with an awesome view of the hippos, elephants, buffaloes and numerous bird species that line up at the shores of the channel. You can as well have continued game drive viewing of ishasha plains which is the most visited ground within the park because of the unique tree-climbing lions where you can have a rewardable view of these lions resting on the branches of fig trees waiting to pounce on the Uganda kobs which is truly gaining attractions. Besides the spectacular wildlife attractions, Queen Elizabeth national park also hosts with cultural history where you can get a chance to visit the population of local people with interesting entertainment in terms of local music, dances and storytelling moments, visit the craft shops around and you can well visit the coffee plantation a women project owned by Omwami women Cooperative.

Queen Elizabeth national park was established in 1952 as a game reserve and forest reserve to protect wildlife species covering area of about 1978 square kilometres a home for  over 95 mammal species such as the rare tree climbing lions which can be found in only two countries in Africa that is Uganda and Tanzania in lake Manyara, elephants, buffaloes ,Uganda kobs ,duiker ,waterbucks ,common warthogs, Topis, Giant forest hog, primates like the unique endangered Chimpanzees, Red tailed monkeys, black and white monkeys, blue colobus monkeys, 600 bird species such Great flamingos, rare shoe bill stork to be seen along kazinga channel ,African fin foot ,African hobby ,Black bee-eater ,Caspian plover ,Common sand martin , Great blue turaco ,Great white pelican ,Grey Winged robin chat ,Broad-billed roller ,Grey winged robin-chat ,Palm-nut Vulture, Red-chested sunbird, Rufous-bellied heron, White backed night heron, Pick backed pelican, Spotted redshank, Western banded snake eagle among others, You will find crater lakes like  Kazinga channel that connects with Lake Edward and Lake George above all kazinga channel boasts with amazing boat cruise among others. In Queen Elizabeth national park these are the activities that can be carried out by the travellers such as spectacular wildlife viewing best done in kasenyi plains ,ishasha sector and Mweya peninsular, Chimpanzee tracking in the thrilling Kyambura Gorge and Kalinzu forest or Maramangambo forest which boasts with a bat cave ,tree species and birds ,Hot air ballooning and local community walk.

The park hosts with variety of gorgeous activities which makes most of tourists to be their stopping tour destination on Uganda safari tours other activities to be engaged in Queen include bird watching, launch cruise on the Kazinga Channel, nature walks, lion tracking which is done in an open savannah grassland of ishasha sector, explore the beautiful crater lakes and encountering the mining katwe salt works and many more. However, Queen Elizabeth National Park is safe to be visited which is managed by Uganda wildlife Authority and is on the list of the world heritage site. To note, Queen Elizabeth wildlife species are not only among the great wildlife viewing destinations but also Uganda’s most famous travellers destination. The fact is that when you get a chance to explore gorilla trekking Bwindi you will attempt to add a visit to this lovely park since they are not so far away from each other. Travellers who prefer to explore in primate’s tours like Chimpanzee tracking it is easier to connect Queen Elizabeth national park with Kibale Forest National park which is famously known as a home of the high population of primates with over 1500 individuals of habituated chimpanzees. 

The Major Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

  • Tree Climbing Lions: This is truly humbling experience which is also known as cactus climbing lions  and Uganda is really a blessed country host the unique tree-climbing lions because in the entire world this mysterious tree climbing lions can be found in ishasha sector  in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda and in Tanzania can be seen in lake Manyara in the southern part of the country. The fact is that these tree-climbing lions are the main big cats that make up a major attraction for the tourists that prefer visiting East Africa.
  • Kazinga Channel: This is a vibrant water body that measures 32 kilometres long that connects the Lake Edward to Lake George in the south-western direction of Uganda. The channel is found within the Queen Elizabeth national park and boasts with many wild animals, water animals, bird species which can be seen on the shores of the channel such as species which can be seen they include Elephants, Hippos, Flamingos, Nile Crocodiles. And the major tourist attraction along the channel is the interesting boat cruise that sails across its shores to view the magnificent wildlife adventure.
  • Mweya PeninsulaThis area is a landmark of several great game tracking points which is so close to Lake Edward and also consist of the kazinga channel track part of it being extended over by candlestick thorns with the outlying open savannah grassland making it the best area for rewardable game viewing.
  • Lake Katwe Explosion Craters: The explosion craters of lake katwe are poisoned in the north of Mweya Peninsular, having the highest elevation within Queen Elizabeth national park in Western Uganda. Where you can get a chance to have great sight-seeing of the western rift valley of Africa and the escarpments along the drive, you can as well see kazinga channel that connects lake Edward to lake George with a panoramic view of mountain Rwenzori ranges.
  • Lake Katwe salt worksThis is a salt mining lake which has been existing for years that sits in the north of mweya peninsular, in the south western side of Uganda with in Queen Elizabeth national part. The lake is the major economic activity for the surrounding people. Travelers visits the area to learn how they mine salt and also to sightsee the lake that forms the salt with their own eyes.
  • Kyambura Gorge: The Gorge is famously known because of being impressive valley of apes in Queen Elizabeth national park which is found on the Eastern side of the park. It is drained by River Kyambura and formed by the disorderly waters of River Kyambura. The area rewards with fresh breath taking and the best green natural environment of all.
  • Maramagambo forest: This forest is positioned inside Queen Elizabeth national park and tourists prefer visiting this forest because of the famous bat cave, wide vegetation, and resident African rock pythons.
  • Kasenyi plainsThis plain is found in the North-Eastern part of the park in the western region of Uganda, sometimes it is called Mweya. Kasenyi plains are the best wondrous savannah grassland for viewing antelopes like Uganda kobs, numerous lions, leopards, and many others.
  • Kyambura Wildlife Reserve: This is popularly known to be one of the most attractive areas in Queen Elizabeth national park with a rewardable view of wildlife, beautiful butterflies, primate’s things you should miss on your travelling list. The reserve is so close to kyambura Gorge which is positioned on the North-Eastern part of the park linking to the kazinga Channel and forms its northern boundary of village plantation that lies to the southern edge of Kyambura game reserve.
  • Lake George: Lake George is found so close to Queen Elizabeth national park which is located in the western part of the great African rift valley. It covers an area of about 250 square kilometers and measuring its depth 2.4 meters thus forming small and shallow.
  • Kalinzu forest: This forest is situated at the end of the Queen Elizabeth national park in the south Eastern part of the park and it sounds has the best area for chimpanzee tracking than Kyambura Gorge. 

Activities offered in Queen Elizabeth National park.

  • Lion Tracking: This is the best traveler’s lion tracking destination park and many visitors visit this park mainly for lion tracking experience where they get a high opportunity of getting close with lions and study their lifestyles while using 4WD safari vehicle and the guide.
  • Game viewing: This is the best rewardable amazing game viewing experience where one gets a chance to have spectacular viewing of various mammals such as leopards, giraffes, elephants, hippos, great flamingos, pelicans, reptiles among others.
Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safaris
Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safaris
  • Chimpanzee tracking: This is truly awesome activity being conducted in the kyambura gorge or kalinzu forest in Queen Elizabeth where tourists are guided by experienced ranger who leads you to the primates natural inhabits, as you tracking you get a chance of seeing wide variety of species such as tree species, birds, other primates, animals and once the great apes are found you can be given one hour to watch them while studying the way they live in the forest and your free to take photos.
  • Bird watchingQueen Elizabeth national park is a haven for birders along here you can spot various species of beautiful birds such as African Finfoot, African hobby, African Skimmer, Caspian Plover, Common Sand martin, Broad-billed roller, Grey-winged robin chat, Great blue turaco, Black-rumped buttonquail, rare shoe bill stork among others.
  • Hot Air Ballooning: This is quite an amazing activity that will spice up your Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safaris where tourists are being helped by the guides to take a chance in hot air balloon experience so as to catch an aerial view of the park’s wildlife, rift valley, and lakes.

Accommodation facilities in Queen Elizabeth national park

Travelers on their Queen Elizabeth wildlife safaris will never luck where to sleep because the park offers beautiful accommodation facilities composed of good Amenities, easy location, professional chefs or else you can tour these beautiful lodges and hotels during your tour to Queen. Queen Elizabeth national park offers a range of accommodation ranging from luxury to Mid-range which can be booked by help of tour operator to book for you nice room that suits your budget such accommodation facilities include ;Mweya safari lodge ,Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge, Mweya Hostel ,Simba Safari Camp, Queen Elizabeth Safari camp, Elephant plain lodge, Kasenyi Safari Camp ,Ishasha Wilderness Camp ,Mweya Hostels and Cottages, Lake Chibwera, Kyambura Tented Camp, Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp, Ishasha Jungle lodge and many more. 

In conclusion, to have a smooth and safe Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safaris one has to be able to book his or her tour package through a tour company or preferred Tour Operator. The tour operator is the one who has great knowledge about the inclusive booking for the activities, accommodation and all events plus the travelers. We advise you to be extremely careful about the tour operator who can help you to organize your tour booking reservation to Queen Elizabeth national park. You can feel free to contact us to Achieve global safaris for more details.

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