Sport Fishing at Lake Mburo National Park

Sport Fishing at Lake Mburo National Park is another top activity done in this national park and travelers get a chance to catch amazing fish species. Lake Mburo National Park is an interesting magical national park positioned in the western part of Uganda, above all, is the smallest protected savannah area with a total area of about 260 square kilometers that inhabits a wide range of wildlife species with over 350 bird species and 68 species of mammals.

Sport Fishing at Lake Mburo National Park

The park looks to be the smallest but it has got quite a number of unique activities which can be done by tourists on their visit to Lake Mburo national park, the most famously done activity in here is horseback riding safaris which is offered at affordable price where you opt for highest numbers of zebras, Impala and elands among others.

Lake Mburo inhabits 6 species of fish with the commonly caught fish known as Tilapia. But the most fishing spot is at Mazinga, travellers that are planning to carry out fishing here should carry their own equipment and acquire their fishing permits from Uganda wildlife Authority.

Note; Uganda is a landlocked country and above all is a gifted destination surrounded by water, so in that case, sport fishing can be highly practiced in the country. Sport Fishing is also recommended on Lake Victoria as well as Murchison falls national park along Victoria Nile and in Lake Victoria, the commonly caught fish is the Nile perch.

Sportfishing at lake Mburo national park can be carried out in all thirteen lakes, in and outside the park but Lake Mburo being the largest and attracts the number of fishermen. Tourists are requested to book for their permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority offices and they should carry their own fishing equipment if they are to experience sport fishing on African safaris. Lake Mburo since it is the largest among the 13 lakes in and outside the park, it has six main fish types which includes ;Tilapia ,lung fish ,mud fish and haplochromines. Note that, main designated fishing spots are at Mazinga and it is also safe along Lake Mburo, you shouldn’t worry about the hippos and crocodiles.

Along your fishing experience in Lake Mburo, travellers are given a chance of whatever fish caught they take it in their respective lodges and be prepared for their dinner and enjoy the African delicious snack fish. But in case you don’t want to carry your own gears, safari companies can also organize fishing gears for you.

Lake Mburo national park hosts a total of five lakes and Lake Mburo is the largest among the others which are just outside the park area to make thirteen in number. Lakes harbors with flora and fauna which looks beautiful with a wide range of wildlife at its shores. Travellers can as well conduct launch boat cruise at Lake Mburo, of which the cruise can take 1 and half hours while getting near to the hippopotamus and crocodiles, also come along with water birds. To those who would prefer to participate in boat cruise it cost USD 15 only per person per day. The boat cruise departs at 8am ,10:00 am ,12:00pm ,2:00pm ,4:00pm and at 5:30 pm.

Apart from sport fishing in Lake Mburo, there is another exciting tour activity in Lake Mburo like horseback riding safari, in this gorgeous activity tourists can participate in horse riding for as many hours as they wish. They can decide to do horse riding in the morning hours or in the late evening hours and have dinner at the bush with horse and the guide accompanied by you.  

Furthermore, the sportfishing permits in Lake Mburo cost only USD15 and tourists are always advised to tip their guides after the activity.

Sport Fishing at Lake Mburo National Park
Sport Fishing at Lake Mburo National Park

Travellers on their sport fishing safaris in Lake Mburo national park can sleep in comfortable accommodations, Amenities and nice customer services such as lodges include; Mburo safari lodge, Eagle nest Mburo, Rwonyo camp, Rwakobo rock among others.     

Lake Mburo national park can be accessed within 3 to 4 hours from west of Kampala the main city via Masaka road. From Kampala to Lake Mburo national park is a short drive for you to be able to access the park’s activities in time.

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