Top 5 National Parks in Uganda  : On a Uganda safari all vistors have different tests of venture, Uganda has ten major national parks in the country and they all deliver a great chance of education about all African species in the country.

Uganda safaris offer one the choice to choose according to what they may desire to see and according to ones test of venture.

Below are the top five national parks in Uganda that are selected and proven to be the most visited and exciting parks in the country due to their stunning sceneries and what they offer to the visitors, Top 5 National Parks in Uganda

On your Uganda safari be sure to have a stopover at these lovely destinations and believe this you won’t regret a thing

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

National Parks for a safari in Uganda Bwindi is found in the South Western part of the country next to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is UNESCO World heritage site because of the mountain gorillas and overall biodiversity. Gorilla trekking and the gorilla habituation experience are the most popular activities in Bwindi but visitors can also take part in nature walks, community visits and bird watching. Bwindi along with the Virunga National Park in Congo are the only places where chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas can be sighted together.

Top 5 National Parks in Uganda
Gorilla Trekking Safari

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo is one of Uganda’s true hidden gems. Located far away at the North-Eastern corner of the country, the park has vegetation, seasons and landscape that are similar to that found in Masai Maraa but with virgin wilderness and less crowds. Kidepo Valley National is the only park in Uganda where ostriches, cheetahs and wild dogs still thrive. Top national parks in Uganda. The scenery and landscape in Kidepo is so stunning that CNN described it as one of the best national parks in Africa. Sadly, this amazing park is less visited by tourists in part because of its remote location and a past history of being a hideout for rebels. Game drives are the main activity in the park. A game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park provides opportunities to spot lions, leopards, buffaloes and Elephants, ostriches among others. A cultural visit can also be arranged to visit the Karamojong, Dodoth or the endangered Ik tribe. Other activities in the park include mountain climbing, nature walks and visiting hot springs.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Lying in the South-Western corner of Uganda near the border between Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, Mgahinga is the smallest national park in Uganda, Top 5 National Parks in Uganda . It is the second home to mountain gorillas in Uganda. Gorilla trekking is without doubt the most popular activity in Mgahinga but golden monkey tracking is slowly catching up. Top game parks in Uganda Mgahinga are also the only place in Uganda where one can spot both mountain gorillas and the cute golden monkeys. Gorilla tracking in Mgahinga is thought to be better than in Bwindi because the one habituated group has many members and can easily be located. Mgahinga receives fewer tourists compared to Bwindi and hence there is no issue of large crowds or privacy. Apart from the primates, Mgahinga national park stands out because of its three inactive volcanoes – Gahinga, Sabyinyo and Muhabura. These volcanoes are part of the wider Virunga ranges of mountains that include Karisimbi, Bisoke and Nyiragongo. Hiking to the top of these volcanoes will reward tourists with breathtaking views of the Virunga ranges, Mount Rwenzori and game parks in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Reaching the summit of mount Muhabura allows one to step in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo at the same time. Apart from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the Batwa pygmies are also found in Mgahinga. The Batwa Trail in Mgahinga is much more interesting than the Batwa visit in Bwindi. In Mgahinga, the Batwa lead the activity as guides and within the forest unlike in Bwindi where visitors go to meet the group of the park.  Other attractions in Mgahinga include nature walks, visiting other cultural communities and off course bird watching.

Murchison falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the best places to go on a wildlife safari in Africa.  It is the largest park in Uganda and found on the North-western part of the country. Murchison falls like Queen Elizabeth National Park is blessed with diverse features and landscape offering a whole lot of things to do.  National parks for a safari in Uganda. The key attraction is the beautiful Murchison Falls on the great river Nile.  The park also attracts visitors because it is the only place where one can spot all the big five mammals. Although Rhinos are extinct in the park, they can be seen at the adjacent Ziwa Rhino sanctuary on the way to and from the park.  Murchison Falls is a lion conservation unit and has more Roskilde Giraffe than any other park in Uganda. Apart from game drives and visiting the top of the falls, visitors can choose to track Chimpanzee in Budongo Forest or go for a boat cruise below the falls to spot one of the largest collection of crocodiles, hippos and birds. Apart from the game drives and boat cruises, visitor also has an opportunity to view wildlife from a hot air balloon or visit the local Boomu Women’s group to mingle with locals, Top 5 National Parks in Uganda .

Top 5 National Parks in Uganda
Murchison Falls Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is the most popular and visited national park in Uganda. The park stands out for its diverse landscape and wildlife. Queen Elizabeth receives good rains compared to the Masai Maara and Serengeti hence giving visitors more panoramic views for much of the year. National parks for wildlife safaris in UgandaAmong the amazing features in the park include crater lakes, Gorges, Salt Lakes and rift valley Lakes like Gorge and Edward. Queen Elizabeth national park is famous for hosting the rare tree climbing lions but visitors can also spot chimpanzees at the Maramagambo and the amazing Kyambura Gorge. The Kazinga channel In Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places to spot birds in the world. During certain months of the year the sheer density of birds within and around the channel will leave even the most seasoned birders very impressed.  Other activist and attractions include nature walks at the Maramagambo forest, hot air balloon wildlife viewing, visiting the Katwe salt mining lake, cultural visits and taking part in wildlife research tours.

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