Reasons to Visit Murchison Falls National Park  : Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s oldest and largest National park, as well as one of the most popular safari park in Uganda and all East Africa to visit while on Uganda Safari. Murchison Falls is unquestionably one of Uganda’s beautiful hidden jewels, with vistas and attractions that make it a must-see for anyone planning an Africa wildlife safari.

Murchison Falls National Park is most renowned for having the world’s most powerful waterfall. The equivalent of 200 bathtubs worth of water being pumped through a gorge less than seven paces wide per second. The pressure is so intense that the ground around it trembles.

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest national park, is easily accessible by road or air from Kampala and Entebbe. Due to improved roads and flight links within Uganda, the process is quite simple. There are multiple entrance points to the park, so getting in is simple no matter where you’re coming from. Most tourists have visited the park, and some of them still want to plan their safari visit to this park, though they are not sure what makes the park famous and the reason why they should visit it. Here are the reasons why you should plan a safari visit to Uganda’s Murchison Falls national park.

Reasons to Visit Murchison Falls National Park
Murchison Falls Park

The park view is unique and stunning.

No doubt, one of the reasons why you should visit Murchison Falls national park is because of its magnificent and spectacular scenery, which is best for and enjoyable for all kinds of tourists, especially photographers and those who want trending social media shots or photos.

Murchison Falls National Park is divided in two by the Victoria Nile, which creates a northern and southern part. Tall grasslands (interspersed with Borassus palms), acacia trees, and riverine woods characterize the northern portion. A wooded savannah and extensive tropical forest characterize the southern portion. There is a large wetland in the west, where the Victoria Nile empties into Lake Albert.

The most powerful waterfalls on the planet

You may have heard of the Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, as well as the Niagara Falls in the United States, and wondered which was the most powerful. Murchison Falls, named after the park in Uganda, is thought to be the world’s most powerful waterfall. The Nile River squeezes itself into a 7-meter-wide valley, and when you visit the falls on a Uganda safari, you will see a furious battle between rock and water, complete with a deafening roar, making these falls very spectacular.

The majority of visitors come to experience and see this wonder waterfalls for themselves, making it one of the most compelling reasons to visit Murchison Falls National Park on a Uganda wildlife safari.

Easy/Simple accessibility

The park is around 311 kilometers from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, and it takes only about 5 hours to go northwards from Kampala on well-paved roads. The park can also be entered from all directions because it is accessible through Tangi, Mubako, Chobe, and Wankwar gates, all located north of the Nile River. Those traveling from the north can utilize one of the gates, while those traveling from the south can use the well-known route from Masindi to Kichumbanyobo gate or the more beautiful route from Masindi to Bugungu gate.

Reasons to Visit Murchison Falls National Park
Game drives in Murchison

It is one of Uganda’s most easily accessible safari parks, making it convenient for those who wish to explore this natural marvel national park. A variety of transportation options are available to get people to the park from all around the country. Air transit is available from Kampala, and for those who prefer to take in the gorgeous landscape along the way to the park, road transport is the ideal option, with well-maintained roads that ensure tourist comfort.

The park is home to Rare Rothschild’s giraffes.

Murchison Falls National Park is also recognized for its population of Rothschild’s giraffes, which are uncommon and endangered. The Rothschild’s giraffe, a subspecies of the northern giraffe, is now only found in Uganda and a tiny part of southern Kenya, with a population of about 1,500 individuals.

The ossicones, or skin-covered bony protuberances on the giraffe’s skull, are one of Rothschild’s giraffe’s distinguishing features. The highest ossicones are the two parietal ossicones on the top of the skull, which are found in all giraffe species. Rothschild’s giraffes, on the other hand, have one behind each ear and one in the center of the forehead. It is another reason of why you should visit the Murchison falls national park since it is the only and best place to see these endangered wild animals.

450 bird species can be found in the park.

The park has over 450 bird species making it one of the few and best place where you can go and appreciate birding safari experience. The shoebill is one of 450 bird species found in Murchison Falls National Park. Shoebills love to gather in wetlands, where they hunt for food. They are excellent hunters, hunting creatures that are just slightly smaller than they are, including eels, lizards, and even newborn crocodiles. The Victoria Nile, between Nile Safari Lodge and the river delta at Lake Albert, is the best place in Murchison Falls National Park to see shoebills.

Again, Murchison Falls national park is home to both resident birds and migratory birds, making it an ideal safari destination for bird watching. Bird watching in the park can be done all year round, though the best time for bird watching is during the rainy season when the migratory birds arrive in the park. This is also the best time for nature lovers and those who want to appreciate the beautiful landscape and vegetation of Uganda, since at this time the vegetation is ever green.

Reasons to Visit Murchison Falls National Park
Bird watching

The boat safari is breathtaking.

Boat safaris are a one-of-a-kind experience available at only a few parks in Uganda with Murchison falls national park being one of them. In Murchison Falls National Park, you can go on a boat safari on the Victoria Nile. This allows you to admire and study the park’s numerous animals and characteristics. The safari boat trip starts 15 kilometers downstream from Murchison Falls in Paraa, which means “place of hippos” in Luo.

In your boat safari in Murchison falls national park, you will feel as if you’ve entered a faraway and strange world of basic rhythms and cycles, the sound of pounding water and a view of the spectacular Murchison Falls reward you. Both group and private boat safaris are available at the park. You could also go on a fishing boat cruise. The boats are equipped with roofs, which provide sun protection. Boat safari is unique tourist activity in the park and undoubtedly one of the reason of why you should visit Murchison falls national park.

The top of the falls is worth a visit or hike.

Hiking to the top of Murchison Falls is a popular activity among visitors to Murchison Falls National Park, and it is one of a must do tourist activities in your safari tour to this park. This can be done when you arrive at the park and drive with your driver-guide to this point, or you can take a boat tour to the bottom of the falls, get off the boat, and start hiking to the top of the falls. While staring at the strength of the spectacular waterfalls, return to the resort after an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Uganda’s best park for seeing the Big Four

Murchison Falls National Park, the Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area, is home to a diverse range of remarkable wildlife, including the big four, such as lions, leopards, buffaloes, and elephants, as well as other species. It is the ideal location to witness a large number of Rothschild giraffes, as well as antelopes, warthogs, hippos, Nile crocodiles, waterbucks among other animals. A wildlife safari trip to Murchison Falls National Park will undoubtedly provide you with an once-in-a-lifetime animal encounter.

Conclusion, For more safari experience in the Murchison Falls national park, we recommend you combine your safari tour by visiting other wildlife safari parks in the country, such as the Queen Elizabeth national park, where you can see tree climbing lions, also gorilla trekking in one of the parks, such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, and you can conclude your Uganda safari tour by hiking in Mount Rwenzori, one of the most famous and challenging hiking mountains in Africa.

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