Top done safari activities in Murchison Falls National Park; Murchison Falls National Park is popularly known for having the most powerful waterfall in the world, where the longest river in the world squeezes through a 7-meter gap and then drops down 45 meters .More so, the park is located on the shore of lake Albert in northwest Uganda and  the  park is a home to big fours and other diversity of wildlife species  such a  elephants ,waterbucks ,lions , buffaloes ,Jackson hartebeest , hippos ,crocodiles among others ,a great location to encounter primates  in the Kaniyo Pabidi mahogany forest  species like chimpanzees and monkeys  many more to thrill while on Uganda Budget safari. Murchison falls national park is also a paradise for birders with over 450 bird species and most sought bird here are shoe bills, great turaco, king fisher’s secretary bird among others. More then, the park is the Uganda’s largest national park with an area measuring about 3,893 square kilometers comprised of open savannah grassland, woodland, acacia tree species, riverine forest, swamps among others that acts as habitats for wildlife species and was gazette as a national park in 1952 and since then Murchison Falls national park become a famous stopping tourist Uganda safari destination in the world.

Top done safari activities in Murchison Falls National Park

Game drives in Murchison Falls national park

This is the best done activity in the park that allows visitors to explore the great treasures of the wildlife species within the park. Game drive in Murchison you’re recommended to use 4 WD with a guide who drives you through different interesting tracking trails in Murchison Falls national park.  There are three sessions of game drive experience such as Morning game drive which starts at 6:30am or 7am, afternoon game drive starts at 2pm and Night drive starts at 6:30pm but you need to be escorted by armed park guide.

Top Done Safari Activities in Murchison Falls National Park
Game drives in Murchison Falls N.P

Morning game drive; You will have to wake up early enjoy your morning breakfast and after drive to the park and have high chances of seeing big cats and lot more and this is the best time to explore predators like leopards ,lions ,cheetahs, still on hunter before they return back to their hideouts and best time to see various wildlife species such as elephants, Jackson hartebeest, bushbucks, Oribis, waterbucks, giraffes, buffaloes ,Uganda kobs  among others and you’re able to view savannah bird species many more.

Afternoon game drive;

This is also a good time to adventure life in game drive where you can be able to view wide range of animals along the water source quenching for thirsty and on other side spotting them might be difficult since they can be hiding under shade due too much sunshine.

Night game drive in Murchison Falls National Park

After resting time or upon arrive, you can drive o the park for night game drive where visitors get an opportunity to view nocturnal animals such as civet, genet, bush babies, night jar, hyenas, lions, leopards ,porcupines ,grazers like hippos ,elephants ,waterbucks as well as enjoying the beautiful landscape under brightening star among others.

Boat Cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

This is one of the most amazing activities carried out in Murchison falls national park. And there are two sites of experiencing the boat cruise that is upstream to the bottom of the falls and boat cruise downstream to the Victoria Nile delta stretching to the shores of Lake Albert. There are two sessions the morning session which starts at around 9:00am and the afternoon session which starts at around 2:00pm and each session takes about 2 to 3 hours’ water life experience , Uganda Safaris.

You can decide to do Nile delta boat cruise which is also done in different sessions and each session can take about 4 to 5hours and the main point to start off boat cruise is from Paraa jetty landing site and gives you an opportunity to get astonished view of Murchison falls, beautiful scenery, herds of hippos in water, crocodiles basking on the banks, Uganda kobs, elephants and buffaloes, waterbucks, warthogs can be seen linking for water along the shores. You can also cruise to the hippo pool and be able to view range of hippos as well as cruise near to Nyamska cliff a home of various small bird species. Since its water source you also be able to view aquatic bird species such as prehistoric shoebill stork, African jacana, saddle bellied stork, open billed stork African fish eagle, blue headed coucal ,Enjoy view of the fishermen ,grey headed kingfisher ,Senegal thick knee, Yellow footed kingfisher ,giant kingfisher ,goliath view much more.

Top Done Safari Activities in Murchison Falls National Park
Boat Cruise

Birding Encounter in Murchison Falls National park

 Murchison Falls national park is a truly haven for birders being a home to more than 450 bird species recorded with migratory bird species, Albertine rift endemic birds, savannah birds and water birds among others. Birding in Murchison can be done during nature walks, boat cruise to the bottom of the falls and along the Victoria Nile delta. During birding time visitors are able to spot different beautiful bird species such as yellow fronted tinker bird, silver bird, giant kingfisher, black headed lawing, yellow fronted tinker bird, black billed barbet, long tales nightjar, grey crowned crane, pied kingfisher, weaver birds, Abyssinian ground hornbill, long toed plover  mentioned but few, Top Done Safari Activities in Murchison Falls National Park.

Chimpanzee tracking in Murchison Falls national park

Chimpanzee tracking is also an interesting activity which can be done in Budongo forest a home to unique mahogany forest in East Africa and inhabitant of primates and bird species.

Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest starts early in the morning with a short briefing from the park guides about the rules and regulations. After your guide will group you into a group of six people to allocate you to chimpanzee family in search of them. The activity of chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest can take about 30 minutes to 5 hours but depending on where the chimpanzees were left the previous night, as your tracking you will experience other views of primate’s species, birds, beautiful butterflies, different plant and tree species many more. Once you find chimpanzee family, visitors will be allowed to spend one hour with them in their nature environment learn how to they behavior, play, feed, breastfeed, hunt fight as well as taking photography and record videos.

Nature walks-hiking in Murchison Falls national park

 This is best way to experience the hidden treasures of the park as you can be guide with the park rangers on foot. Nature walks can be done in Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo forest where there chances of getting up close and personal with wild species such as primates like Chimpanzee ,black and white colobus monkeys ,red tailed monkeys and various bird species many more.

Top Done Safari Activities in Murchison Falls National Park
Hiking Safaris

You can still have remarkable hikes to the top of the falls and view of the waterfalls is gainful. Hiking to the top of falls doesn’t require one to be physically fit and required you to be lover adventure because at the top of the falls the site gives spectacular views of the scenery, listen to the unique sounds of waterfalls.

Best time to visit Murchison Falls national park

Murchison falls national park can be visited all year around but the best time is during dry season that starts from the month of June to September and December to February. In dry season vegetation can be thin thus helping visitors to have clear sight of animals and passable hiking trails.

But you can still visit Murchison Falls national park in wet season during the months of March to May and November which are best season for birding and seeing of migratory bird species. Still during wet season accommodation rates becomes lower since few tourists visits the park due to heavy rainfall which may lead them to disappointment.

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