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Uganda Birdwatching : Uganda is a birding haven with quite a large number of bird species of more than 1090 recorded bird list making up 11% global of population ,50% in Africa ,70% in East Africa. However, Uganda have 25% Albertine endemics which can be spotted in several birding sites like, in Rwenzori Mountain, Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and it also hosts 25% Semuliki species which can be seen in Semuliki areas and Congo areas just our neighboring country. More so about birding in Uganda, Uganda remains the highlight of birding because in every after 5 kilometers you can see a bird and variety of them are inhabitant of savannah areas, water bodies and forest, Uganda Birdwatching.

Therefore, there are four types birding clients who visits Uganda Birding Safari known as; Bird watcher, Hard core, Listeners and Twitchier, Uganda Birdwatching.

The definition of each birding client;

Bird watcher’s client –These are clients who come mainly to watch a big list of birds in different bird types.

Hard core client –These are clients who go for birding while eating.

Listeners client –These are clients who can mention as many as possible.

Twitchier client –He comes to spot that specific bird could be fox weaver or shoe bill stork.

These are the most wanted bird species to visitors who visit Uganda as they have  high chances of seeing the shoe bill stork ‘’known as historic bird’’, Crested cranes ‘’famously known as National Bird’’, Great blue turaco ‘’one of the most sought after bird’’, Green breasted pipit ‘’it green color makes it unique’’, Secret bird ‘’known for its hunting gates’’ among others.

Uganda Birdwatching
The Shoebill Stork

Other Uganda’s endemic bird species ‘’Unique’’ include; secretary bird, Fox’s weaver, Rwenzori batis, Dwarf honeyguide many more.

Famous Birding Site in Uganda –Birdwatching

Uganda has several birding site where you can be able to spot of variety of unique bird species and we recommend you never to leave Uganda birding adventure without reaching this places at least some of these places must be listed on your bucket list of your birding trip such sites include;

Mpanga area

Mabira forest inhabits a lot of notable of bird species and it’s on the best birding site.

Mabamba swamp area –This is one of the most sounding sites on Uganda birding safari, a great location to encounter shoe bills and other notable species.

Queen Elizabeth national park –known as the top visited safari destination on Uganda safaris and also a great location for birding, located in Southwestern region approximately 5 to 6 hours’ drive from Kampala or Entebbe landing Airport. At the park birding is more rewarding around the crater as you drive from Kabatolo gate one of the park’s gates, birding is also good if you drive to baboon cliff and maramangambo forest.

Katindo Swamp -Also one of the great birding site in Uganda found in between Ntungamo.

The tagi spot located in the famous largest park in Uganda namely Murchison Falls national park and many species of bird can be encounter along here.

Kyesselo pod – Located near Lake Mburo national park a rewarding site to see beautiful birds such as white backed dark and others.

Nanda swamp – It is found in northern areas and the best site to see Rufus bile heron bird  among others .

Royal mile –Located in Budongo forest of Murchison Falls national park also mentioned among Uganda best spotting areas.

Visitors also do amazing birding at bunyambyeya near Murchison Falls national park but not part of the park best spotted bird here include Brown twin spot among others.

Uganda Birdwatching
Brown twin spot

Birding can also be done on Mountain Kayi forest located in Arua area.

Note, there are several types of bird species in Uganda such as night birds and birds that eat meat.

Night birds – Specifically, these are bird species which sees at night and like moving at night and such species include; Night Jars and are best seen at 6:30pm, Owls, Water cicine a night bird, Black nightjars, Standard winged night jars, Star –spotted night jar, Slender –tailed nightjars, Black –shouldered nightjars, Long-tailed nightjars, Swamp nightjar, Nubian nightjar, Eurasian nightjar ,Freckled nightjar ,Plain nightjar ,Fiery-necked nightjar among others, Uganda Birdwatching.

Birds that eat meat –These species do survive on meat including the raptors ‘’hover, eater, seed eater, woodpeckers among others.

 Scavengers – They eat meat but they do not hunt, wanders, Neckar’s sacks ‘’ sun birds, corn birds, honey eaters and honey guides among others.

Ground feeders- they are categorized into two bird species.

Other list of birds to see include; Ground babblers and allies , weaver and allies ,Waxbills and allies ,Sunbirds spider hunter ,Drago’s ,White-eyes , Ground babblers , Ostriches ,Flamingos , Geese’s ,Plovers ,Thick-knees , Shrikes ,African new world  parrots ,Woodpeckers ,Kingfishers ,Cormorant and shags , pelicans , Hamerkop ,Fin foots ,Rails ,Swallows ,Bulbul ,Woodpeckers ,Starling ,Wagtail and pipits ,Finches ,Vargas ,Helmet shrikes ,Roller ,Pelicans , Gulls ,terns and skimmers ,Tree creepers , Hoopoes mentioned but few .

What are these famous bird species eat-most or sought after?

Shoe bill stork eat – They feed on cat fish, mad fish and they are good in hooking whatever comes out to breath air.

They can also eat water lilies and younger crocodiles.

Fox’s Weaver –Sought after bird

This is an endemic bird that are inhabitant of moist savanna, subtropical, swamp and flooded lowland grassland among others. They feed on seeds and acacia ants among others.

What are the equipment for birding safaris;

To make your birding safari more rewardable and interesting lifetime experience, you need to carry all these equipment as listed below;

They include; pair of binoculars, a complete telescope, Sound recorder, Clips 4 and 5 most useful, Sound player, Cameras –best in zooming.

When is best time for birding –Uganda Birding Safari

Birding in Uganda can be done yearly though the best season could be July –March. More especially during the time for migratory birds which can be see Between November to January. In Uganda during bird migration, we receive Palearctic migrates which migrates though North Africa and East Africa to South Africa, Wil rubella from Liberia, eleven shifts among others. We also have intro-migrates –birds that come from North Africa for example; Abidim stork and others.

You should also note this, there are three terminal bird species in the world such as;

Endemic species -These are racism bird species

Albertine rift endemic –They are restricted to the Albertine rift region.

Semuliki species – They are restricted to the Ituri species

Breeding time; Birds usually breed from January to Match and August to November.

Note; When looking for the best birding season always consider a rainy season of which it’s also a good birding season. Although it may lead to disappointment due to heavy rain.

On your birding safari to Uganda you can opt to add or combine birding with other activities such as Game drive, Nature walk, Gorilla trekking, Cultural encounter, Lion tracking ,Golden monkey tracking ,Chimpanzee tracking among others.

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