Uganda’s Weather is basically tropical since the country lies near the equator and it favors quite a number of travelers to access the country with ease. Uganda is a blessed country with a warm tropical climate with a temperature falling between 25-29degree Celsius ranges on an average.

Uganda's Weather

When we talk about the mountainous areas, these are coolest places in the country e.g  Mountain Rwenzori in the west and Mount Elgon which is often covered with snow at the top making this part of Uganda to become cooler almost a year. The country is also categorized with the two main hottest months for example from December to February. During this dry season, the evening hours are always cooler at an average temperature of around 17-18 degrees Celsius. To note, most regions in Uganda normally receive annual rainfalls ranging between 1000mm to 1,500mm, apart from dry areas of northern Uganda which always receives the highest temperature.

Uganda’s weather is comprised of two seasons i.e. dry and wet seasons, where heavy rainfall (wet season) occurs in the month of March, May, September and November putting roads in poor conditions and difficulty in transport. And the dry season ranges from the month of June to September and December to February which is the best time to visit the wild game reserve when they are out of water sources.

Uganda’s geography.

Besides Uganda’s weather, the country lies in East Africa bordered with different countries like Kenya in the west, Democratic Republic of Congo in the east, South Sudan in the south, Rwanda in the southwest, Tanzania in the South. Uganda is among the six African countries which lie on the equator. Above all, Uganda is a landlocked country with no access to the sea and it is has lakes like Lake Edward, Lake Albert, and Lake Victoria. Uganda hosts its capital city ‘Kampala’ which sits on the shores of Lake Victoria and central part of the country.

Kampala known as the capital city of Uganda lies on the shore of Lake Victoria the largest lake in East Africa. The city has an average altitude of about 1,155 meters with a high temperature varying between 26 degrees Celsius to a low temperature of about 16 to 17 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This shows that Uganda’s Weather is favorable to everyone in Kampala.

Entebbe town sits on the northern shores of Lake Victoria the only location to the biggest Airport of the country where a number of tourists arrive from known as Entebbe International Airport. It is approximately 44 kilometers away from Kampala, with an altitude of 1,145 meters and experiences high temperatures differing by 2degrees Celsius throughout the year. The high temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius and low temperature ranging between 17-18 degrees Celsius over the year.

Fort portal town is also one of the coolest areas situated in the western region of Uganda with a higher altitude than Kampala. Fort portal’s altitude is about 1,540 meters, the high temperature varies by 2 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The actual high temperature ranges 25 degrees Celsius and low temperature ranges between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius annually. 

Kabale area is located in the warm climate areas of the western region and has an elevation of about 1,950 meters. The area has got the high temperature differing by 2degrees Celsius all year round, the day to day varies high temperature rising to 23 degrees Celsius and its low-temperatures measure from 9 and 11 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This conducive climate favors a lot on the growth of chimpanzees in the Montane rain forest of Kabale.

Gulu town is situated in the northern part of Uganda which estimates 320kilometers away from Kampala. Its altitude rises to 1,110 meters. Gulu town is one of the hottest towns in the country with a high temperature that differs by 5 degrees Celsius yearly. Its daily high temperature varying around 29 degrees Celsius and low temperature ranges between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius annually. People who live here are proud of their culture which is so amazing and bound of joy. Therefore a number of tourists come to this place on Cultural Safaris in Uganda.

Jinja town is one of the most developed towns and the only location with modernized factories in the country. Jinja is located in the Eastern part on the shores of Lake Victoria, surrounded by the waters of River Nile which traverses much of the country. The town is situated in a cool climate with an altitude of about 1,1145 meters, above of all, it has a high temperature which differs by 3 degrees Celsius yearly. The area has got a low temperature with an average range from 14 to 15 degrees Celsius annually. Jinja town has got a comfortable climate to those who like to visit Uganda on safaris since this town has got very many tourist attractions within such as the source of the Nile, bunrgee jumping along Bunjagali falls, water rafting, speed boat, visiting the factories and many more.

The best weather is in the peak season of the year when the forest trails are dry and when the roads are in good condition, i.e. from the months of June to mid-September and between December to February. This is the best time to carry out gorilla trekking the most done activity within this period. During the dry season the trails are dry and there is a possibility of trekking them, game viewing of Uganda’s wild mammals, primates trekking, nature walking and many others can become easy to engage in.

Uganda’s Weather is comprised of two rainy seasons of the year

Long rainy season: This normally occurs from the month of March, April, and May, and within this period of the year, it receives heavy rains but depending on which part of the country you’re in. Rain can make traveling more difficult since the roads become slippery and the forest trails become impenetrable.

Shorty season: This is from the month of September, October, and November and within this period there is less rain in the country. You can still enjoy your game park activities in the day.

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