Visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa : Uganda’s people, culture, tribes, history /Visit the pearl of Africa; Uganda is a beautiful country with a lot more to discover on your safari which marks it to be named the Pearl of Africa. More so, it boosts with unique culture, tribes and outstanding history categorized into political, economic and social. More then, visit Uganda the pearl of Africa which was named by famous Sir Winston Churchill all because the country is magnificence with variety of species such as bird, insect, reptile and beast in large scale and over number of Ugandan people live in rural areas and directly benefit the environment and natural resources. The Bantu speaking people are the largest number of tribe who migrated to the area from central and western Africa long ago. These are the tribe who brought political and social ideas with their ironworks and today on Uganda Safari has become a dream to people in difference races of the world.

The cultural diversity of Uganda offers a wide range of lifestyle and their amazing norms. The south part of Uganda there are Baganda culture, western side the Banyankole, north side the Acholi and Lango culture. Furthermore, Uganda has a rich tradition of theatre, that ranges from the Active National Theatre in Kampala in hundreds of small, local theatrical groups.

The Ethnic groups include; Bakiga, Bahima, Baganda, Banyarwanda, Bunyoro, Batoro, Langi, Acholi, Bagisu, Lugbara and other more tribes visit and see. Although the Baganda are the largest ethnic group of people in Uganda that estimates 17% of the population compared to other tribes.

Languages spoken in Uganda are English and Swahili as the official language and other local language to be heard in different tribes.

Uganda History /History of Uganda

Historically at beginning of 100AD, Uganda Nilotic people including the Ateker and Luo entered into Uganda from the North. Some of the Luo occupied the Bunyoro area and united with the Bantu. This brought life to the Babiito dynasty. This Luo migration ended in the 16 century and the Ateker tribe decided to settle in other areas of Uganda and some intervened with Luo to the north of Lake Kyoga.

Visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa
Lake Kyoga

When it comes to Arab traders decided to move from the East African coast and were followed by British explorer looking for the Nile’s source. The protestant and catholic missionaries later were followed and by century it made British East India Company.


Geographically, Uganda experiences an average height of about 1,100 meters above the sea level and along on the East African plateau. When it comes to Lake Kyoga covers the country’s Centre and almost Uganda as country is located within the Nile Basin. The Victoria Nile drains from Lake Kyoga and runs to Sudan. Then the turkwel River drains in Uganda’s eastern edge.

Uganda climate experiences equatorial, although not uniform. The southern areas are wetter and northern side of Uganda is sometimes dry.


Economically, Uganda suffers poor economic policies and instability thus cuasing the economy at large. Due to this poor economic policies, left Uganda as of one of the poorest countries in the world.

Bank of Uganda is the central bank of Uganda Republic and the primary purpose of the bank is to encourage price stability and sound financial system.

The ministry of finance planning and Economic Development got its mandate and functions from the constitution of Uganda Republic as related to other subordinate laws such as; Budget Act, Public Finance and Accountability act.

The official currency of Uganda is Ugandan Shilling ‘’USH’’ and today it has become stable currency and predominates in most financial transactions in Uganda.


Uganda’s capital city is renown as Kampala thus making up a total of 65 cities with their own culture and heritage.  Uganda’s city has more than a million people, two cities ranging between 1,000,000 and one million people. The remaining 62 cities have a population that varies with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. However, Kampala is Uganda’s largest city

Some of the major outstanding cities includes; Jinja, Nansana, Makindye, Gulu and other major.

The Kampala city is located in countries with the most development agricultural section. The Kampala exports coffee, cotton, tea, tobacco and sugar and a lot of food, metal products and furniture enterprises.

Ethnic group of people

Here, Ugandans can speak over 30 different African languages, although English and Swahili are the countries official languages. The largest one are the Baganda and they speak Luganda.

In Uganda, most people produce their own food and enjoy two meals a day, lunch and supper. Breakfast is often prepared a cup of tea and porridge. Women and girls are the one to prepare meals. The men and boys aged 12 are not supposed to sit in the kitchen.

The Uganda ethnic groups include; Bahima, Baganda, Banyarwanda, Bunyoro, Batoro, Langi, Acholi, Lugbara, Bagisu many more.

The common religions in Uganda are Muslim and Christian.

Visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Food –Uganda Stamp Food

Uganda’s traditional food includes Ugali which is prepared and served with a stew of groundnuts, beans, chicken, beef for cow and goats meat ‘’mutton’’.  They all can be found in some restaurants as well as at safari lodges. Enjoy fish stew that includes the tiger fish, Mukini, Mputa and Tilapia are the most popular one, Visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Note; Uganda’s cuisines consists of both traditional and modern cooking styles, practice, foods and dishes in Uganda. You can also have a taste of English, Arabian and Asian influences. Many of the dishes offers various vegetables, yams, potatoes, bananas and others tropical fruits.


Uganda’s official language is known as English which is a common spoken language spoken by most of the education Ugandans.

The main three indigenous language families are Bantu, Nilotic and central Sudanic. The main language commonly spoken in Uganda are Swahili and Luganda.


Uganda’s widespread religion are the Christianity. Closely one third of the population follow traditional religions. There are also Muslim religions and some few Jews and others includes Hindus.

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