What Is The Major Tourist Attraction In Bwindi National Park? Bwindi Impenetrable national park is located in the Southwestern region in Uganda in Kanungu district and it is considered one of the smallest national parks, which covers a total surface area of about 321 square kilometers while standing at an elevated area between 1,160 meters and 2,607 meters above the sea level. Bwindi Impenetrable national park was first gazette as a game reserve in 1991 and later it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site and established as a national park in 1994 with a main purpose of conserving and protecting all the wildlife species within the country. due to the fact that this national park is a home to over 120 mammal species and also harbours around 350 bird species that are always available within the national park for tourists who happen to be bird lovers to see.

Major Tourist Attraction in Bwindi Impenetrable National park.

The major tourist attraction in Bwindi Impenetrable national park is known to be the endangered mountain gorilla species due to the fact that it is noted half of the population of mountain gorillas in Uganda are found within this national park hence attracting thousands of people to travel from all over different parts of the world to visit the park which also contributes a lot towards the tourism industry in Uganda.

Therefore, Bwindi National park is a home to over 400 endangered mountain gorilla species and around 19 habituated mountain gorilla groups that are found within different sectors such as; Bitukura, Oruzogo, Kyaguriro and Mukiza which are found within Ruhija sector. Then there is Katwe, Rushegura, Habinyanja and Mubare gorilla group which are found in Buhoma sector, Busingye, Rwigi, Nshongi, Kahugye, Muchunguzi, Bikyingi, Bweza, Mishaya which are found within Rushaga sector and lastly, there is; Rushegura, Bushaho and Christmas which are found within Nkuringo sector and many others that are always available for tourists to see and spend time around them which grants them opportunities to learn more about the behaviour and character of these species. however, some of the habituated gorilla groups are always purposely meant for research purposes.

Apart from the endangered mountain gorilla species, there are also so many other attractions that are found within Bwindi Impenetrable national park and some of these include; the Batwa pygmy people who are situated within the outskirts of the park and visiting them gives you chances to learn more about their culture, history and tradition, there are also numerous bird species that tourists can see such as; yellow-streaked greenbul, western green tinker bird, grey gecko shrike, dwarf honey guide, black bee eater, chapuns fly catcher, Rwenzori Batis, Regal sunbird and many others. more so, exploring around this national park gives you chances to go through trails like; the Kashasha river trail, Bamboo trail, waterfall trail, Muzabajito trail, River Ivi trail, Habinyanja trail and also be able to spot mammal species like; antelopes, forest elephants, African civet, Giant forest hog, and other primate species like; Nocturnal pottto, red tailed monkey, red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus among others. and there is an ancient rain forest which is surrounded with 220 tree species and 100 fern and plant species like; red stinkwood, Newtonian, symphonia, East Africa yellow wood among others.

What Is The Major Tourist Attraction In Bwindi National Park?
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Things to do while in Bwindi National park.

For tourists who decide to tour around Bwindi Impenetrable national park are always blessed with great opportunities to engage in many intresting activities where they gain new experiences and create good memories. therefore, some of these activities include; gorilla trekking which is considered as the main activity done in the park which involves tourists to move around different parts of the park with a main aim of tracking where the endangered mountain gorilla species are located and individuals are always required to purchase their trekking permits which are always charged at a cost of about 700 USD per person, bird watching, guided nature walks, community visits and cultural encounters among others.

How to get to Bwindi Impenetrable National park.

For individuals planning to go travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National park can always choose to either use road or Air transport. In addition, for those individuals who opt to use road transport means can always take a drive of a distance of about 460 kilometers and about 9-10 hours to move from Kampala to be able access the park.  More so, for those who opt to use Air transport means can book their flights from Entebbe international airport, which will take them to Kihihi and then take a short drive of about one and half hours to be able to reach the park.

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