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What is The Most Beautiful Bird in Uganda : The most sought after bird species in Uganda; Uganda is a gifted country as a haven for bird lovers with a total population record of 1090 bird species. And the country’s diverse landscape and ecosystem that acts as habitant for numerous species that range from exotic forest birds to tall cranes and birds of the prey.

In Uganda there are several different birding sites, one can visit or add on his birding tour package on Uganda Birding safaris and some of the spotting sites include;

Mpanga forest

 Mabamba forest

Maramangambo forest in Queen Elizabeth

Katinda swamp in western region in Ntungamo

Royal miles in Budongo forest of bunyambyeya.

Nyamuriro swamp

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Rwenzori Mountains gazette areas

Semuliki National reserve and Queen Elizabeth among others.

Uganda has got various beautiful bird species and each with its facts and more;

Crested crane

This refers to as a Country national bird famously known as crested crane and its easiest way to have its looks is to check on Ugandan flag. However, it stands over 3 feet meter tall with a 6-foot wingspan. It weighs about 7 pounds and it has a life span of 22 years. They usually hook more than a goose.

What is The Most Beautiful Bird in Uganda
Uganda Crested Crane

Shoebill Stork

This is the most sought after bird that attracts numbery of people on Uganda birding safari, it got its name through its large bill that is shaped like a shoe .The shoebill is one of the most beautiful bird species among others. It has a featuring a prehistoric appearance ‘’shoebill’’ that looks like it survived the dinosaur age. Undoubtedly, shoebill is one of the weirdest birds on the planet. Most spotted within Murchison Falls National Park, Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Queen Elizabeth National Park and on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Shelley’s Crimsoning

This bird species is less shy and there few chances spotting this colorful finch as it is shy bird. It only flies’ short distances and takes cover in bamboo thickets and dense forest growth within the Albertine Rift that borders the Congo areas, Rwanda’s nature plans as well as Uganda. They are rare bird species in the world and the best spotted area in Uganda is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest among other places.

Great Blue Turaco

This is a unique bird species which is traditionally noted to be a brilliant bird that brings good luck. The great blue turaco is one of the most beautiful birds of Uganda. Facts about the bird has a turquoise blue body, yellow breast and reddish- yellow beak. And its brightly colored feathers have been used among native African tribes for generations as a symbol to distinguish leaders.

What is The Most Beautiful Bird in Uganda
great blue turaco

Marabou stork

This is an impressive bird with facts of cloak –wings, skinny legs and weird looking air sacs hanging down from the base of its necks and tall wading bird which is often regarded as one of the ugliest birds of Uganda.

More facts about Marabou stork do not want to fly and when the grass gets on fire instead of flying away like other birds. Feeding styles- they uses the blazes to swoop in and feed on small fleeing animals. Amazingly, when marabou gets too hot instead it cools off by excreting feces on its legs.

African Green Broadbill

The best way of seeing the African Green broadbill on Uganda birding safari, you have to include a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest because is one of the great location to see this elusive bird.

Facts about, African Green broadbill has green feathers with light blue on the throat, breast and tail and its forehead has a black streak while conservationists have put in much efforts to protect this unique bird, climate change and deforestation.

Doherty’s Bush shrike

African Grey Parrot

 The African grey parrot once known as Congo grey parrot with their famous ability to communicate and reason. They are wild species which are endangered.

Chocolate –Backed Kingfisher

 These species are easily spotted in high tree in the lowland rainforest, scanning the area for prey that includes ant, beetles, grasshoppers and small lizards. It’s a kingfisher specie that spots a brownish black mantle, iridescent blue rump and reddish-brown bill. An adult chocolate backed kingfisher has a similar a scalloped breast and black bill with orange tip. It has a sweat sound with very high-pitched screen followed by a mournful song.

Black Bee –Eater

The black bee-eater is a popular bird species on Uganda birding list that features a distinctive scarlet throat and streaks across the breast. Are best spotted in high forest canopies places of Kibale National Park and Bwindi National park. Even if you don’t encounter them but you can listen for their pitched sounds of ‘’P’sitp’sit’seet.

Long crested Eagle

It’s a member of African bird of prey which was named for its long feathery crest. They feature mostly with brown to black plumage, a barred tail and white feathered legs. Long created Eagles prefers to sit and wait for its prey to come along before swooping down.

What is The Most Beautiful Bird in Uganda
Long crested Eagle

It feeds on small rodents, eat fish, lizards, frogs and also small birds.

Note, both male and female long crested eagles build their nests together whereas the female incubates the eggs, the male often hunts for feeds the young ones.

African Spoonbill

This is a member of ibis’ family featured as a tall specie, whitewater species using its long spoon to catch fish and crustacean in the shallow waters of lakes, rivers and marshes, What is The Most Beautiful Bird in Uganda .

They live up to 15years in the wild and very shy that likes to stay close to its own kind and its spoonbill monogamous with both male and female sharing in the responsibilities of caring for their young.

Yellow billed Oxpecker

They are very small birds in size that hitch a ride along the backs of large mammals such as elephants, hippopotamuses, cattle and zebras.

Saddle billed stork

This specie got its name to the patch of yellow on its red bill and white back and it is noted for several unique facts. Saddle –billed stork is among the tallest specie in the world that stands to a height of nearly five feet. They are highly spotted in Semuliki national park and along the Kazinga Channel.

Green Breasted pitta

The green breasted pitta is among the most difficult spotted bird on Uganda birding spot thus making it one of the most sought after birds. They can be found in the forest of the Kibale national park. Best time to see them is during morning hours in months between June and August when the forest is with lot of food.

Standard –Winged Nightjar

 This is an inspiring bird that sleeps during day and flies out at dusk to feed on various insects. Standard –winged nightjar is a nocturnal bird species.

Facts about the male specie it extends further out behind the body with plumed feather on the end during mating season. To females it attracts the male when it displays his wings vertically during flight.

Black-breasted Barbet

The black-breasted barbet is not easy to be spotted because it’s a solitary bird that likes to nest in dense vegetation and dead trees. However, it distinguishes from other black and white birds by its large and white bill.

Although, their number is declining due to deforestation.

Bar-tailed Trogon

This is a rare bird species with a medium size measuring about 11 inches ‘’28cm’’ long, bird makes its home in high altitude forests.

The male species features a shimmery blue-green or violet breast and with yellow patches above and below the eyes.

On visit to Uganda Birding Safari always mind about the useful equipment’s for birding such as;

Pair of binoculars

A complete telescope

Sound recorder

Sound player


Clip 4 and 5 are the most useful

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