Which is the deepest lake in Uganda? Lake Bunyonyi is a beautiful and a charm fresh waterbody situated in the southwestern Uganda. the lake is famously known as the deepest lake in Uganda and surprisingly the second-deepest in Africa after the stunning Lake Tanganyika. Lake Bunyonyi sits in the Kigezi highlands between Kisoro and Kabale districts and more so birders the republic of Rwanda. the lake covers an area of approximately of about 46 square kilometers, with an uncertain depth of 400 to 900 meters in different parts of the lake, making it the deepest lake in Uganda.

Which is the deepest lake in Uganda?

Lake Bunyonyi derived its name from Rukiga local language translated as “place of many little birds”. The lake is home to over 200 different colorful bird species including the grey-crowned crane. In addition, the lake has over 29 islands, all found at the heart of the lake. These islands include Akampene, Bushara, Bwama, Bacuranuka, and many more, each with a mind-blowing legend behind them. The beautiful lake is also home to a variety of fish, such as crayfish. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most naturally magnificent lakes in Africa and is one of the leading tourist destinations in Uganda. The lake attracts tourists, honeymooners, and Ugandans who wish to get away from the busy town life and enjoy the cool weather and beautiful islands. The lake offers astonishing views from all sides and is a great place to go for meditation and relaxation

What to do and see at Lake Bunyonyi

Cultural visit

Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda is famous for its incredible natural beauty and lush cultural heritage. visitors can opt to engage in cultural encounters and community visits where they get an opportunity to take walks and interact with the local people as this gives you chances to learn more about the local people and their daily living activities such as joining them while they dig in their gardens, get to taste some of their local made drinks like Marwa, Obushera and these are known as their local potent drinks which are made from millet, banana and sorghum. Visitors can also opt to visit the Batwa people, who are indigenous to the region and were evicted from Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and local schools that are surrounded by the lake area and the opportunity to interact with the school children among others.


Lake Bunyonyi is one of the few lakes in Uganda that are safe from swimming. This fascinating lake is free of bilharzia, a parasitic disease that affects many waterbodies in Uganda as well as Africa at large. It‘s also free from crocodiles and hippos, which can pose a danger to swimmers. This stunning freshwater body is clean and refreshing, especially on a hot day. However, visitors should not that the lake is very deep, with an uncertain depth of 400 to 900 meters in different parts of the lake and cold about 20 degrees silicious, those who are not good swimmers should take caution and instead use the hotel swimming pools.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing at Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most popular activities, especially for those looking to enjoy the pleasantness and beauty of the lake while trying their hand at catching some fish. While Lake Bunyonyi is not known for large game fishing, it offers a charming and memorable experience for nature lovers. Visitors planning to take part in this captivating activity at the lake are required to rent a canoe or small boat from any of the local operators and head out to their chosen fishing spot, which we at Achieve Global Safari can arrange for you and offer a memorable experience. While on your spot fishing tour here, you’ll get a chance to catch and see common fish types, such as crayfish and smallmouth bass, among other species. It’s advisable to bring your own fishing gear, although some rental services may provide basic equipment.


Lake Bunyonyi is home to a variety of birdlife, hosting over 200 bird species, making it one of the best bird-spotting places in Uganda. Birdwatching in the lake can be done throughout the year, depending on the season and specific bird interests. While on a Uganda birdwatching tour in Lake Bunyonyi, you’ll have the opportunity to spot all the bird species that dwell in the area, such as the blackfish that can be caught in the lake throughout the year, depending on the season and specific interests such bird species includes African Harrier Hawk, African Fish Eagle, Pied Kingfisher, Malachite Kingfisher, and African Jacana, African Darter, Great Cormorant, Black-Headed Heron, African Openbill, Hamerkop, African Paradise Flycatcher, The Kingfisher, Andrena, Egrets, Grey Heron  among others

Boat cruise

A boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi offers astonishing views of the surrounding verdant landscape and fresh waters. This is one of the loveliest water sports that you shouldn’t miss to take park while on Uganda safari.  A boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi is the perfect way to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of the area. While on a boat ride on the lake, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the islands surrounding this lake, such as Akampene, Bwana Island, Bushara Island, and Kyahugye Island, among others, in a short time. You’ll also be offered abundant loot of birdlife species flying at the shores of the lake, such as kingfishers, among others, as well as the refreshing breeze as you explore these hidden gems of Uganda.

Which is the deepest lake in Uganda?
Lake Bunyonyi boat canoeing

Nature walks

This lake is also the best area for one to take a walk, The hilly terrain around Lake Bunyonyi offers great opportunities for nature walks and hikes. The terraced landscapes offer both astonishing beauty and insights into local agricultural practices. Trekking up the hills rewards you with astonishing sights of the lake and its surroundings. It’s the best way to engage with the natural environment, learn about the region’s geological history, and capture remarkable views. While on nature walks, you’ll also have a chance to explore through the stunning highlands of Kigezi or islands.

Apart from this lake, Uganda is also marveled with Lake Victoria which is one of the biggest lakes in Africa, this lake is shared by many countries in Africa, however, its biggest part is found in Uganda, this lake has harbored a variety of birds and other tourist activities which include visiting the source of the Nile in jinja to learn about the history, chill-out and relax along the Nile River, sunset cruise on the River Nile and Lake Victoria, experimental Bungee jumping into the river Nile at Jinja, white water rafting on the Nile in Jinja, jet-boating on the Nile in Jinja, horseback riding along the Nile river/Jinja, Sail from Entebbe to Jinja across the lake on the MV Vanessa, Entebbe Botanical Gardens, Trip to the equator crossing point on Lake Victoria, Exploring the Lake Victoria Islands: The Beaches on Lake Victoria. All these have greatly attracted many people to come for safari adventures in Uganda.

There are also other lakes that are found in Uganda and many rivers. These include; Lake Edward, Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga and many others which have greatly attracted people to travel to Uganda. River Nile is also found in Uganda and its source is located in Jinja, this River has also attracted many people to visit Uganda since it has also got many tourist activities such as birding, swimming at the shores of the river, boat cruises to the actual source of the Nile canoe riding and many more activities which are so adventurous to the tourists who come for holidays in Uganda.

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