Attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park

Attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park are the key features that the park possesses which attracts quite a number of travelers to come to visit the park. Kidepo valley national park is referred to as a true African wilderness and many visitors who have visited the park can witness it. Kidepo valley national park is a hallmark of unique wildlife species that cannot be found elsewhere in Uganda’s national parks and offers the best beautiful scenery of savannah grassland which is unparalleled by any other national park within East Africa.

Attractions in Kidepo Valley National park.

However, it is a hidden protected national park found at the corner border of Uganda, southern Sudan and Kenya thus making it the most prominent park among Uganda’s tourism hub.  It is set apart to manage all the outstanding natural beauty that makes it become one virgin place that every visitor who visits it promises to return back to encounter in a true wilderness for their lifetime because of its amazing beauty and natural wondrous moment in experience. The park has a rewardable panoramic view of savannah landscapes that end in the mountainous and rocky horizon. This is a great ideal and undoubtedly among the best wilderness area in Africa that are still sounding like true wilderness, though kidepo is less explored and yet it habits with variety of wildlife species that cannot be found elsewhere in any other national park in Uganda. Travellers can plan their safari to kidepo valley national park and discover what a ‘’true African wilderness’’ is.

Travellers are recommend to do there booking to visit kidepo valley national park through a recognised tour operator or a tour company for easy reservation and also a stress-free tour. You can as well decide to book  your activities you prefer to engage in the park from the head offices that manages all the Uganda national park activities known as Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Kampala or at the entry point of the park’s tourism centre mainly at Apoka Tourism centre ,just know before proceeding,  kidepo is a difficult place to manoeuvre without help of skilled driving locals. Below is the tourist attraction that amazes a number of visitors who visit the park and they end up leaving with perfect and memorable adventure experience which is absolutely excellent to make your holiday awesome. 

Attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley and Kanangorok Hot springs: This is thrilling kanangorok Hot Springs that lies 11 kilometres far from kidepo River on South Sudan border which gives out the best moment of observing different unique attraction a far from the border’s frontier. And it is worth to drive to explore and grab fun moments at this glorious place which is most visited by a number of tourists and have gained a view of mountains at the border of the two countries like South Sudan and Kenya. Kidepo valley is the place that seems to be with lack of surface water meaning that few wildlife species can be seen in kidepo valley because of animals like areas which are gazette with water sources like the Narus valley which is famously known as a place of the water source and that harbours with a lot of wildlife species. Although kidepo valley lack with the water source that supports animals still it is worth to visit the dry kidepo River to stroll along its 50meter wide bed of white sand between the edges covered with Borassus palms. Kidepo is the local word which means to pick from below and the valley was visited by people who used to gather fallen Borassus fruit for fermenting to make palm beer. Visit kidepo and encounter in all these amazing activities.

Narus valley: This is best famous area in kidepo valley national park that boasts with interesting and rewardable rolling grassland plains surrounded by distant mountains and it has a permanent water sources that cause the concentration of most of the wildlife to gather here to drink water hence making it the best viewing point and favourite one for wildlife which makes Narus valley the most loved area for game tracks and it also offer four loop circuits in exploring the valley around Apoka .On your game track within this valley, you can be able to view as many wondrous creatures as possible like lions , buffaloes, giraffes, Oribis, Jackson’s hartebeest,  reedbucks among others. Less commonly seen animals with in this valley are cheetahs and leopards. The nature creature of Narus dam and water hole close to Apoka Tourism centre are also magnificent area of observing points for gaming in the park, especially during the dry season from the month of June to August and December to February. The park since is bordered by numerous amazing attraction to the southern end of the katurum loop and katurum kopje a stunning sight of the derelict lodge is a rewarding point of destination with impressive views from the north across the valley towards the Morungole mountain range. This is a home for most of the wildlife you opt to see in the park that will blend up your stay in kidepo valley national park with an unforgettable experience of exploring the African wilderness.

CultureThe word culture means a lot of traditional experience basing on the norms, lifestyle, dances and songs. When it comes to visiting kidepo valley national park you will encounter in the best thrilling true African traditional communities in Karamoja region where you will meet the Karamojong people, the Ik people who will leave you with endless laughter and a memorable story to tell to the rest of the world.

The Karamojong region is designed with unique house structures called Manyattas which are the household of the Karamojong people of Northeastern Uganda. The architecture of these houses looks so beautiful and were made up of artificial grass fences that divide the main compounds that can have over 10 families but depending on the number of sons in the family and wood. The interesting Karamojong dances are almost similar to the Masai and the Turkana, which will amaze you with a lot of joy of joining them in their traditional dance which will feel you with lots of laughers and make you to always think about Kidepo.

Mount Morungole: This is one of the top attractions in Kidepo Valley National park. This is an outstanding spectacular view across Kidepo and Narus Rivers that nourish the park’s species of wildlife and natural habitat as a whole which stands at an average of 2,750meter. The Morungole range marks the southern boundary of the park thrilling and it rises from the plains a far kilometre northeast of Apoka. Hiking activity is the best-done activity along this mountain and since is explored on foot by the ranger escort. The Morungole mountain is home for the IK people, the smallest ethnic group in Uganda, with their unique lifestyle, and culture which is so interesting and rewarding.

Apoka Tourism Centre: Apoka is a tourism hub in kidepo valley national park with overlooking game-rich Narus Valley and home to an upmarket lodge. The centre is the main administrative office where you can book your activities from, pay for the ranger escorts who can accompanies you on game viewing in the park and nature walks. The hired trucks can be found here for those without their own transport. There is also a craft shop for you to buy souvenir things for your friends you left behind, books, bottled water, sodas,  alcoholic beverages can also be brought from here. You can request for the cooked food from here. 

Namamukweny Valley: This valley sits in the north-west of the park and can be reached by road or on foot, the word Namamukweny’’ is in literally word Napore which means a place with no birds or minority people. The valley is a home of a large number of bird species including Common Bulbul, White-crested Turaco, Eastern Paradise Whydah, Greenwood Hoopoe, Abyssinian Roller and many more.

Lonyili Mountain: This is one of the attractions in Kidepo Valley National park. Lonyili mountain lies wholly between Kitgum and the Sudan border surrounded by tropical montane forest a kind of vegetation that gives shelter to primates like colobus monkeys, kavirondo busy baby among others. Though the road network along this attraction is so poor and the UWA is in preparation of improving the road network in the park. The scheduled flight to this park can reach this point and the aerial view is rewarding however, it’s one of a kind of tourist attraction you could not miss when you visit the park.

Attractions in Kidepo Valley National park.
Attractions in Kidepo Valley National park.

Lomej Hills: This is one of the attractions in Kidepo Valley National park. These hills are the haven of birding paradise in the park and whenever travellers who visit kidepo valley national park on their bird watching, this is the perfect place for them to do birding. They are not only an ideal place for birders but also the wildlife inclusive mostly the mountain reedbuck. From the parks headquarter to reach Lomej is just a short drive thus the best starting point for the activities. 

Lastly, to book for your great experience in Kidepo valley national park to encounter in the admirable tourist attractions, you can contact us Achieve global safaris for any inquiry or more detail concerning about the park and we do for you  arrangements for accommodation, activities immediately and be welcomed to the pearl of Africa.

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