Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park is throughout the year but there are major-specific months for wildlife viewing which starts from January to February and June to July because these are dry seasons in the year. To note the low season occurs from March to May and August to November. These are the wettest seasons. Then April, May, August and September are the wettest season with high rainfall and during this period of the year, the rain might obstruct with your Uganda safari tour. The best time for wildlife safaris in Queen is from January to February and June to July “dry seasons”. During this period, mammals are easier to be seen because they usually look for water sources, grass turns to short bring out great views and the most peak season in the year is the month of June. It’s when the highest population of tourists can be received in the park. Above all these are the best times to go on game drive viewing, guided nature walks and the amazing Chimpanzee tracking experience.

Best time to visit Queen

Seasonal months to visit in Queen

Dry seasons: The best time to visit the park is from January to February and June to July ‘’Dry seasons’ during these periodic months’ wildlife can be easier to view when vegetation is dry and thin, around these month’s animals are seen gathering around the water source. The forest trail heads seem to be drier like the kyambura gorge and Kalinzu forest making chimpanzee tracking awesome experience.

Wet seasons of the year: The low seasonal rain fall occurs from April, May, October and November and within this period of the year there are fewer travelers in the park. This is worst weather with the highest rainfall that puts roads in poor condition, making forests slippery and occurs from April, May and September to October. The wet seasons also offers a spectacular view of green landscape and migratory beautiful birds can easily be spotted. The vegetation can be greener, lush to provide clear photos to the tourists. However, during wet seasons roads become impossible to access the park after heavy rainfall and forest trail heads get slippery. In wet season warm clothes and rain gear are recommended during this time. In a day at around afternoon thunderstorms can be expected and it might drip for days at a time. Travellers are advised to carry warm clothes for the early morning game drive and at night because it tends to get cold.

Queen Elizabeth national park is best visited during drier seasons from the month of June to September and December to February and is among the best visited national parks on Uganda because of the famous tree-climbing lions. The park is located in the south western region of Uganda which was established 1952 has a game reserve and forest reserve to protect the biodiversity of wildlife species, swamps, crater lakes, birds, tree species, vegetation comprised of bushy grassland, grassland, acacia woodland, swamp vegetation among others.

Queen Elizabeth National Park covers area of about 1978 square kilometres of its low land which is a home for variety of species with  over 95 mammal species such as the famous tree-climbing lions which has made the park to be known worldwide, elephants, Uganda kobs, Topis, duiker, common warthogs, buffaloes, leopards, primates like unique chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkey, blue monkeys, mongoose among others and it is haven for bird paradise with over 600 species such as the rare shoe bill stock, African finfoot, African hobby, Broad-billed roller, Caspian plover, Palm-nut vulture, Pink-backed pelican, Red Chested Sunbird, Grey-winged robin chat, Great blue turaco, African Skimmer, Yellow-bellied wattle among others.

Travellers shouldn’t get worried about where to stay in Queen Elizabeth national park, the fact is that the park offers affordable beautiful accommodation facilities and such lodges range from luxury to Mid-range and budget. They include Bushcamp, Ishasha Jungle, Mweya Safari Lodge, Kambura Game lodge, Kambura Tented Camp, Mweya Hostels and cottages, Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp among many affordable lodges.

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park
Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park can be accessed during the Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, from Kampala City as the main starting point to main destination in less than 5 to 6 hours depending on the road route used. Alternatively, you can fly from Entebbe Airport using a charter scheduled flight to Mweya Airstrip which is located just a few meters away from the park and can take 1 hour and 15minutes by flight.

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