Best Time to Visit Kidepo National Park

Best Time to Visit Kidepo Valley National Park

Best Time to Visit Kidepo National Park is preferably that time of the year when there are no climatic hindrances and viewing of animals is so easy. Many travellers before planning their visit to a safari destination in Uganda, they first ask themselves, what is the right time for me to visit this national park in order to enjoy the remarkable activities carried out. Kidepo Valley National Park can be visited yearly and is approximately 600 kilometres from Kampala Uganda’ main capital city, located in north-eastern Uganda in the semi-arid condition of Karamoja region at the international borders of South Sudan and Kenya in the East.

The park is the least visited of all Uganda’s protected national parks and it is a good area to explore the true wildernesses. This is why most people call it a true African wilderness. The park is a great destination with a true wilderness ready to be adventured by the travellers and best excellent wildlife viewing is during the dry season when you can feature with a number of species which you cannot be explored elsewhere in the country.

Eventually, Kidepo valley national park has been less marketed out on the world’s safari destinations because of the poor roads that were in the regions, lack of accommodation facilities inside the park and around all made the park unmarketable but the recent efforts of constructing roads, building accommodations have put kidepo valley national park on the world market and above all a true Africa wilderness. To know what kidepo valley national park is famously for, you read the travel blogs and indeed you will come up with great viewing videos that will wish you to visit park of all wondering what could be the best time to visit kidepo valley national park, these are the answers;

The best time to visit kidepo valley national park for all activities done such as game viewing, nature walks, hiking on Mount Morungole, visiting the kanangorok hot springs, Lonyili mountain, Lomey Hills, Namamukweny valley among others. All these activities and attractions can be enjoyed throughout the year but mostly during dry seasons from the month of June to September and December to early March and within this periodic month, it’s when animal’s concentrates close to water holes in the park and game viewing is rewarding. And during rainy seasons, animals disperse from valleys because of the cooler and move to higher on the drier ground where they cannot be easily seen. You should notice that there are two hottest months as being considered to have the worst weather temperature with an average of 27.5degrees Celsius with daily variations from 21.5 degrees Celsius to 34degress Celsius making it dusty and hot environment. 

However, travellers can as well visit the park when there is less rainfall than normally occurs from September to December by use of open comfortable 4x4Safaris vehicle. If we compare the seasons looking at the advantages and disadvantages visit kidepo valley national park in certain months of the year.

The best seasonal months to visit kidepo valley national park are between December to March and June to late August are the dry season of the year to encounter with the park’s attraction without the worry of the rainy that can cause, your activity misery.

Within this period of the year;

  • Water becomes scarce in the area and wildlife viewing is easier as animals tend to seek or lookout for reliable water sources and vegetation to feed on.
  • During this period, it can be hazy and the view can be a bit difficult to bring out a great sighting.
  • Since they are drier seasons, the sun comes out with few cloudy days.
  • In drier seasons it can be very dusty and a ride.
  • During dry seasons several species can be seen including cheetah that cannot be seen elsewhere in Uganda.
  • But accommodation option rates become high.
  • During dry season lots of wilderness appeal and there are spectacular views over the Narus valley.

During the Wet season:

  • Travellers can still visit Kidepo valley national park in the wet season between April to May and September to November.
  • In wet seasons it’s when migratory birds can be seen and birding is rewarding.
  • The Narus valley’s scenery can be rewarding with beautiful green land scape and lush.
  • The heat is less cool.
  • It is commonly known that during dry seasons the possibility of seeing animals is easier, yet also in the wet season, you can still see a decent amount of wildlife.
  • In wet season animals disperse from the valleys and move to the drier ground making it more difficult to find them.
  • During wet season accommodation rates lows because of the few travellers who visit the park.

About the weather and climate in the area.

Kidepo valley national park has a semi-arid climate that sometimes seems to invite drought in the dry season from the months of September to March. In general, the average temperature during the afternoon sits around 29degrees Celsius except in the park’s higher altitude areas where it gets colder. Then the wet season occurs from April to August within these wet months, you should keep one eye open wide on the sky in the afternoon just like clockwork.

Best Time to Visit Kidepo Valley National Park
Best Time to Visit Kidepo Valley National Park

Some may wonder what will they see on their visit to kidepo, just know that the park has variety of impressive list of mammals which will give you high interesting  level of experience in a true wildernesses and such mammals you will explore include cheetah, black-backed jackal which cannot be seen elsewhere in other Ugandan parks, common lions, leopards, Elephants, Burch ell’s zebra, buffalo, Rothschild’s giraffe are seen regularly among many. The rewardable view of the beautiful scenery of the two valleys that is kidepo valley and Narus valley which are open grassland that is interspersed with acacia trees, rocky outcrops and on the other side of the park you can view the mountainous terrain that dominates the park. 

Travellers to determine what time is it right and best for you to visit kidepo, just select the best season for you to explore the park and get amazed in astounding memorable experience in the true wilderness of pearl of Africa.

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