Budget Safari Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Budget safari tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park are the cheap and affordable safari packages that take travelers to the park for wildlife viewing. Queen Elizabeth National park is the second largest national park in Uganda that lies in the south-western part of Uganda in the Kasese district covering an area of 1978 square kilometers. To note, it was called Kazinga channel national park then after the visitation of Queen Elizabeth, the 2nd to Uganda named it Queen Elizabeth national park which was established in 1952 has gazette area for a wildlife reserve. Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the top-visited protected national parks in Uganda with the best budget tour packages in Uganda that has impacted on Uganda’s tourism hub and making it be known worldwide.

Queen Elizabeth national park is the best destination in the African wilderness to encounter because of its great collection of wildlife species ready for the visitors that travel to Uganda for safari vacations. The park inhabits arrange of nature features that is open savannah, volcanic crater lakes like the Katwe lake, Kazinga channel that links with Lake Edward and Lake George, hills of the feet of mountain Rwenzori ranges, green vegetation of kyambura gorge, lowland forest of maramangambo forest, wetlands around lake George as well as River ishasha in the south. 

Above all, the park offers a panoramic view of the rift valley lakes like Lake George, Lake Edward and Kazinga Channel located within the park. There is also a rewardable view of snow mountain Rwenzori over the park’s vast savannah plains. The park has a variety of wildlife including over 95 mammals ,620 bird species like the unique tree-climbing lions which cannot be found elsewhere in the world except in Uganda and Tanzania in Lake Manyara, antelopes like Uganda kobs, sitatunga, duiker, warthogs, waterbucks, elephants, leopards, buffaloes among others which can be explored in kasenyi plains, and mweya peninsular while on your game drive.

The park also boasts of primates such as the endangered chimpanzees, black and white monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, and blue monkeys. All these can be encountered during your chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge which means ‘’the valley of apes’’ on foot being guided by an experienced guide who leads you through their natural habitat. Another activity is the impressive boat cruise on the Kazinga channel which you shouldn’t miss on your itinerary of Queen Elizabeth national park. 

The wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park which can be spotted so easily are the elephants that are seen crossing the path your using as well as the herds of buffaloes that can be seen by the roadside and greatly to view. This gives another chance to take clear photography closer to them while in your 4×4 open safari game viewing vehicle. 

Birding experience in Queen Elizabeth national is also a notable activity on your safari tours in the park, despite the fact that the park is recognized with variety of birds with over 620 bird species such as the unique shoe bill stork which can be spotted in mweya, greater flamingo, Caspian plover, Black bee eater, African hobby, Collared pratincole, Crab-plover, Great blue turaco, Broad-billed Roller, Common sand martin, African skimmer, Yellow throated cuckoos, Yellow-bellied wattle eye ,white winged tern ,Spotted redshank, Red-chested Sunbird, palm-nuts vulture, and the Rufous-bellied heron among others.

Queen Elizabeth National park on Budget Safari

A budget Safari is defined as a low-cost tour which not be compared to the mega safari /tour packages. To note, like any other safari there is a combination of packages you’re supposed to pay for before embarking to the park’s promises such as park entrance fees, activity charges, and other costs that can stay fixed despite the nature of the safari. Budget safari can take 2 to 3 days to encounter the African wilderness at a glimpse of Queen.

Where can I book for Budget safaris in Queen?

The budget safari can be booked through a recognized tour company or help of tour operator who can arrange for you the best package that can fit your itinerary on your budget safari tour that is to say the budget lodges for your stay, book for your chimpanzee trekking permits, activities, transport and many more. And all these can be booked in advance in order to catch up with your nice budgeted lodge, safari experience and many more. 

Queen Elizabeth national park offers a range of budget accommodation facilities that can perfectly suit up your 3 days’ tour itinerary. These include;

Pumba safari cottages; is a small accommodation facility and affordable with minimum quality and comfortable beds, provided in three cottages. The features offered on the cottages include a nice restaurant, bar section, WIFI connection with a rewardable view of surrounded savannah.

Kazinga channel view Resort; The Resort sits within the park and is the best Uganda safari destination in Queen Elizabeth national park, which offer overlooking of the kazinga channel which links with lake Edward and lake George. It ranges from single, double, Twin rooms and Banda with good facilities such as Restaurant, camping ground, Bar and Reception.

Simba safari camp; It offers 70 beds configured in a family cottage, a Twin room, and Dormitories.

Mweya Hostel; this is one of the Uganda budget safari destination offering swimming pool with overlooking kazinga Channel.

River Ishasha lodge; The lodge is positioned in the Ishasha sector to the south of Queen Elizabeth national park with a rewardable viewing of Ntungwe River. All these can make your budget safari wildlife experience amazing and memorable. 

Budget Safari Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Kazinga channel view Resort-  Budget Safari Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

In conclusion, your budget safari tours in Queen Elizabeth national park  you must expect to pay park entry fee at USD40, activity fees differs on the type and the prices like chimpanzee tracking costs USD50 ,transport used it might be a car hire 4WD which can cost for 140 USD and the accommodation fees varies between USD30 to USD60 per night ,Guide fees. Before you proceed to your budget safari tour in Queen Elizabeth you have to first plan for it and I recommend you to acquire from the registered tour companies /tour operator who can acknowledge you on your budget safari itinerary in Queen.

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