Cost of Chimpanzee Trekking | Kibale National Park

Cost of Chimpanzee Trekking has been increased for the trekking permits in kibale national park. The cost for  Kibale chimpanzee tracking permits was increased from USD150 to USD200 effective by 1st July 2020. These changes were announced during a stakeholders meeting at Hotel African in late 2019. This, therefore, means that to all the travellers who will intend to visit Uganda after 1st July 2020 will likely to pay an extra USD50 which was added on to USD150 to make USD 200 has increased charges on chimpanzee tracking permits. However, the increment in the price for chimpanzee tracking permits was made due to increased demand for chimpanzee tracking in kibale national park. Note that kibale national park remains the best primate capital in Africa to visit the habituated chimpanzee communities with another chance of viewing other twelve primate species like black and white monkeys, Red colobus monkeys, Blue monkeys, pottos, olive baboons and many more others, viewing of beautiful bird species in there residual tropical rain forest. 

Cost of Chimpanzee Trekking

Kibale national park is famously known as the pride of Uganda when it comes to chimpanzee tracking and watching because the park harbours with over 1500 individual chimpanzees making it the top-visited primitive destination in Uganda and in entire Africa. The park is located in the western part of Uganda, approximately 300 kilometres from the west of Kampala the main city of Uganda. Perhaps, when chimpanzee tracking permits were at a fee of USD 150, the demand for chimpanzee tracking had to increase which is something new that forced the body governing all Uganda national park ‘’UWA’ ’Uganda Wildlife Authority to have some changes about the shifts of tracking this great apes, in regard the body introduced three shifts per day to enable the number of travellers to visit these habituated chimpanzee communities in their natural habitats. Furthermore, the number of tourists who are visiting kibale national park is increasing yearly. This also shows that the small addition to the price will help in impacting the conservation of chimpanzees in kibale by facilitating research as well as paying all those employed to conserve the endangered chimpanzee in Uganda because this has turned the country into the top-visited touristic destination in Africa. 

It should be noted that, while the price for kibale chimpanzee tracking permits has been effectively increased from USD150 to USD200, this increment were made for only one primitive national park ‘’kibale’’ but another chimpanzee tracking places like kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park has been maintained at USD50 and those who are interested in visiting chimpanzee tracking you can as well book for your permit and visit kyambura gorge, Budongo forest found on the boundary of Murchison falls national park the cost for chimpanzee tracking permits didn’t change remained at USD80 per person per day.

What happens to bookings made before 1st July 2020?

This is a truly humbling point to inform our clients about the increment for kibale chimpanzee permits which was increased from USD 150  to USD 200 and Chimpanzee habituation permits a full day activity also increased from USD 200 to USD 250 per person per day. Though it is affecting bookings which are made after 1st July 2020 and not before that mentioned date. But anyone interested in benefiting from the old price of USD 150 should contact us Achieve global safaris as soon as possible so that we help him or her to book your kibale chimp permits before permits left for these short time period are out of sell. The Uganda tour operators are also pushing ahead for a waiver on the price of these chimp permits to those who will book their chimp permits before the set date. In other words for more information, you should not hesitate to contact us to Achieve global safaris to give you more details concerning the chimp permit increment 2020.

About chimp permits reservations procedure made by ‘’UWA’’

Uganda wildlife Authority suggested that all chimpanzee permit fee bought at 30% must be topped up within 90 days before the tracking date. However, the tour operator and individuals have been authorised to top up chimpanzees permits at any time, it might be at the last minute top-ups but due to competitions and shortage s of chimpanzee permits made. More so, it has been discovered that some tour operators hold these chimpanzee permits and what they do to release them when they are no longer in want or need. So, we advise our client to always make full payments for their chimpanzee permits so that we secure them as early as possible and in full to avoid misunderstanding or inconveniences.

Booking 2020 Kibale chimpanzee permits with Achieve global safaris

To many travellers who wish to visit kibale national park or those who want to come back and enjoy this incredible chimpanzee tracking, we Achieve global safaris we advise all potential clients to always book and secure their kibale chimpanzee in Advance. Booking kibale chimp permits is quite simple and a traveller can do it himself but some time they are bit challenging as it involves in going directly through Uganda Wildlife Authority which seems not easy to some of you. At Achieve global safaris we can help you to reserve, book and secure for you your kibale chimpanzee permits and we do not only book for Uganda but also Rwanda safaris tours.

What a traveller needs to do is to book his kibale chimpanzee permits in advance through letting us to known Achieve global safaris the exact dates when you intend to visit kibale national park for chimpanzee tracking or habituation. We Achieve we will have to go ahead and check availed date of chimp permits available on that particular date and once the chosen dates have been found, we will let you know before sending you an invoice.  

And as soon as possible payment is made and proof of payment is scanned and sent to us, we will just ahead to purchase and secure your kibale national park-chimpanzee permits without waiting for your transferred amount of money to hit our bank account. We recommend to use this because most times it takes 3 to 4 working days for your wired money to become visible on our Bank account and because chimp permits are issued on the first-come servers, the moment we delay we may end up losing out that chance on the space. When purchasing and securing your kibale chimp permit is done, immediately we will have to send in your scanned copies of the receipts and then permits at a later stage.  

We usually take a responsibility to send in your receipt in order to prove to our clients that we have truly paid for your chimp permits, for your heart to be in peace and when the time for printing and issuing out chimp permits cards, we will also send to you these cards.

Cost of Chimpanzee Trekking
Cost of Chimpanzee Trekking

Note that, before booking your 2020 kibale chimpanzee permits, you need to know that kibale national park has three sessions available to those who are interested to engage in tracking chimps in this forest. Therefore, we have morning session, mid-morning and afternoon session. In order to engage in one of these sessions, it depends on the availability of permits or the client’s choice of interest.

For more information about kibale chimpanzee permits allocation, please visit Uganda tariff web site or email us Achieve global safaris and we will be glad to answer your question with whatever information you want.

Inclusion, when you’re planning to visit Uganda particularly kibale national park for your gorgeous chimpanzee tracking, you should always mind about the tour company you’re likely to use to book for your permit and the tour itself. We advise you to always be selective about the tour company or tour operator to contact, you should contact a trusted and genuine tour operator who will not disappoint you. We Achieve global safaris company we are fully registered and licensed by Uganda Tourism Board and recognised by the body that governs all Uganda national famously knowns Uganda wildlife Authority among the few trusted tour companies in Uganda.

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