Domestic flights are flights that operate within the same country whereby the departure and arrival can be in the different regions of the country. Since Uganda has got very many regions where travelers can choose to travel, they may start the journey from Entebbe Airport in the southwest region of the capital city Kampala, to Pakuba airstrip in the northwest region of Uganda just in the country. They are usually cheaper when compared to international flights. The highest paying category people are business travelers and leisure travelers. When it comes to distances, domestic flights travel short distances than international flights.

Domestic Flights

Aero link is an airline offering both scheduled and charter flights into Uganda’s protected national parks and surrounding areas as well as traveling to other attractive places in Uganda such as Source of the Nile or to Bujagali falls dam. Aero link Uganda stations from the ground of Entebbe International Airport and Kajansi Airstrip along Entebbe road.

Domestic flights in  Aero link are personally owned airlines located in Uganda and fully registered by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority with an air operator’s certificate which shows that they have the authority to operate in the delocalized country. The airline specializes in transporting tourists to Uganda National parks in a way that it reduces the driving time to allow visitors to see more about beautiful wild animals, birds, vegetation, and primates of Uganda.

Aero link is a domestic flight whose owners are located in the neighboring country to the west side of Uganda namely Kenya. It was officially opened in 2012. Their headquarters are located inside Entebbe international airport, where you can find them and its a matter of booking with them or you can email them to get in touch and use the services offered. The airline normally flies tourists between Entebbe and Uganda’s national parks just for short distances. The one in charge of Aero links Uganda is Anthony Njoroge.  

However, the airline daily loads a number of tourists who book for their scheduled flight with the help of the tour operator. The daily scheduled flights are always available from Entebbe airport to Kihihi Airport, Kasese Airstrip,  and Mweya Airstrip all situated in the western part of Uganda. Some of the national parks within the region include Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahiga gorilla national park which both boast in harboring mountain gorillas, Queen Elizabeth National Park which hosts a number of animals most especially the big five mammals and is the only place you can sight the climbing lions, Semiliki national park home of  various birds, Kibale National Park which hosts a number of chimpanzees, and Mount Rwenzori. Flights are also available both in the northern region of Uganda with a minimum passenger number to Pakuba airfield of Murchison Falls national park and Kidepo airstrip to Kidepo National Park which are home to 4 of big five mammals and to those who love birding, culture visit, nature walks among others.

The destination scheduled operating services for Aero link are based on the country you are traveling to, city or town, Airport and the flight fares.

It is well known that flights have schedule time which is detailed and for one to get more information about Aero link Uganda, they should visit the web site of Uganda wildlife Authority.

Aero link Uganda is integrated and measures common ownership with Air Kenya and Regional Air of Tanzania. Kenya operates both scheduled and chartered flights across different regions in the country. Air Kenya flies into Kenya’s famously game reserves such as Masai Mara, Nanyuki, Amboseli, Meru, Samburu and many more and in Tanzania, it flies to the best-known game reserve named Serengeti national park. Aero link Uganda and Regional Air Tanzania both fly to tourist places in Uganda and Tanzania separately.

Aero link Uganda commonly flies from Entebbe Airport to Bugungu Airstrip in north, Chobe safari lodge airstrip in north region, Kasese airstrip in west, Kihihi Airstrip in the southwest, Kidepo airstrip, pakuba Airfield in north, Semiliki Airstrip in west, among others.

The domestic Aero link are configured to carry up 11 passengers and the caravan has a cargo hold underneath which is designed to accept up to 15 kilograms from the clients. The uniqueness of Aero link gives travelers well comfortable seats with suitable legroom and leather seats. The caravan is flown by two fully rated and professional Aero link pilots and crew members who fly travelers to whatever destination they choose to travel.

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