Getting to Kibale Forest National Park

Getting to Kibale national park is something easy whether by use of Air or by Road transport as long as you follow procedure and have the requirements. Kibale forest national park is famously known as a home for primitive destination, situated in western Uganda  and was gazetted in 1932 and was officially established in 1993 to protect the moist evergreen rain forest which a home to variety of wildlife species. The park covers a total land of about 780 square kilometres of its low land ,located between 1,100metres to 1,600 metre in elevation.

Getting to Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale national park acts as a home for primates with over 13 species most especially the endangered chimpanzees plus other small primates like Red colobus monkeys ,olive baboon ,black and white colobus monkeys and many more ,rich in faunas like leopards ,African golden cats ,African buffalo ,bushbucks ,bush pigs ,giant forest hogs ,warthogs ,African buffalo ,blue duikers ,mongooses ,boosts with 330 bird species such as olive long tailed cuckoo ,western tinker bird ,grey parrot among others .The park is the top visited national park on Uganda chimpanzee tracking safaris because it hosts with over 1500 individuals .The chimpanzee tracking trailhead at Kanyanchu is 35km in the southeast of the town of fort portal and is approximately 300kilomters from Kampala City the Capital city to the main destination Kibale.

Getting to kibale forest national park is very simple weather by Car or by Air.

By car: 

Travellers on their Uganda safaris to kibale national park say that the northern route is shorter and faster which is approximately 300kilomters with a tarmac road going to Fort portal and also a driving distance of 36kilomters on murram to Kanyanchu.

The sebitoli forest camp, the access is easy and it’s the second in the tourism centre. This route stands directly on the Kampala road measuring about 12 kilometres before fort portal. The public means of transport runs all day long between Kampala and Fort portal passing through sebitoli, Fort portal and kamwenge ‘’passing Kanyunchu’’.

Traveller can also reach kibale national park either from the north via Mubende and fort portal, one can use the southern route through Mbarara and Kamwenge. 

To many travellers prefer using road transport because of the rewardable magnificent view on the road route to kibale national park, where you can have high chance to stop at the Ndali-Kasende crater area which offers the rewardable view of the tea plantation, crater lakes and kibale forest to the east, view the snow Rwenzori to the west and Lake George and the Rift valley plains to the south. This area can be adventured on foot or by car.

Getting to kibale national park by car estimates 5 to 6 hours by road while using 4×4 WD safari vehicle or person cars.

By Air/Domestic flight from Entebbe International Airport to Kasese Airstrip.

Kibale national park can also be reached by air from Entebbe international Airport ‘’EBB’ ’which is the main entry point into the country. The airport is located about 46kilomters from Uganda’s capital city ‘’Kampala’ ’For travellers landing to Entebbe international Airport, they can be helped by the local tour operator who can arrange for you the pick up from the airport and will also provide for you any additional transportation as part of your tour package.

From Entebbe international national park, a tourist can use a charter flight or scheduled flight by Aero link, fly Uganda or eagle air and all offers comfortable beds, legroom and many more. The charter flight lasts only 1:25 hours to land to kasese airstrips, Nyakisharara Airstrip in Mbarara which is about 98km through kamwenge to kanyancu.

The domestic flights can be booked between parks which is usually done by your tour operator and can generally be part of your safari. Like fly Uganda which runs all day schedule flight with comfortable seat rates to fort portal. 

Getting to Kibale Forest National Park
Getting to Kibale Forest National Park you will see chimpanzees

Travellers to do their charter flight booking, are recommended to first send in their personnel documents and such documents include passports, Visa and other entry requirements in order to acquire your charter aircraft booking through a recognized tour operator and the airline to be booked in from that is Aero link, fly Uganda and Eagle airline. The charter flight can be booked at Entebbe International Airport or kajjansi Airport which is near to Entebbe Airport. However, all the flight booking procedures can be helped by the hand of the tour operator who knows more about the tour arrangement about the pick up at the airport and also to take care of all the tour package.

To many travellers think that air transport is more comfortable and fastest not knowing that road transport more rewardable and exciting transport with a great view of beautiful scenery, rolling trees, green tea estates, panoramic view of green environment which cannot be viewed to those by air transport for them they miss a lot.

Lastly, both means of transport makes it easy to access Kibale national park, it depends on the tourist’s choice of transport to use in order to reach the main destination. 

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