The Equator | Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Equator is a landmark of Uganda which indicates the world’s main latitude and is one of the tourist attractions along Queen Elizabeth national park that is found at Kikorongoro. The Equator is divided in the world into two equal parts that is to say from northern to southern hemisphere which is a landmark of impressive photoshoots that will remind you about the wildlife tour you explored in Pearl of Africa when you return home. Queen Elizabeth national park is located in the south western region of Uganda in Kasese district which is adjacent to districts of kamwenge, Rukingiri, Rubirizi measuring a total area of about 1978 square kilometers of its low land at approximately 400 kilometers away by road from the south west of Kampala Capital city. The Equator was recognized on the map of Uganda on perpendicular to the earth’s axis of rotation and it holds the earth’s centre of mass. The equator has landmarks in Uganda that is to say at kayabwe along Kampala Masaka road. 

The Equator in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Facts about the Equator

To generate ultimate Uganda safaris memories, visit Queen Elizabeth national park which is found in kasese and you can enjoy your time at the imaginary line at the equator where you can get excited while standing one footed to the southern and the other in the northern hemisphere, most of the tourists who have engaged in this before leaving with memorable experience along here travelers usually take clear pictures on their Uganda tour en route. Due to being a stunning place for photography because its where the latitude crossed the world and most of the time tourists what to prove that this is an important landmark of the Equator in Uganda, guides are always available with experiment to demonstrate the evidence that this is truly the centre of gravity of the whole world. 

Despite the fact that the nearest areas to the equator experiences early sunrise and sooner sunsets all day round and at night when we compare to other areas in Uganda. The temperatures to seem to be slightly higher at the equator when we contrast to other areas and also contain a tropical kind of climate which makes it difficult to tell the difference in the seasons of the year.

Interestingly, it is amazing to stand on this landmark to experience your body a little lighter about 3% lighter than the normal weight. This is how it is done, you measure your weight in the force by which the gravity forms the body mass. To note, the gravity forces is less by 0.5% and that’s why you feel lighter at the equator line. Just assume that you’re the one in such a physical interesting experience feeling yourself lighter at the equator in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Recently in February 2019 there was allegation about the demolition of the equator monument of Queen Elizabeth national park was to be removed but people came out defending the idea of breaking the monument down which could have affected the tourism site in Uganda yet in otherwise it acts as an attraction in a place. But all the calamity was ended by the   Minister of tourism through coming out to the public and explain the reason for the decision made which was to reconstruct and also to renovate what is needed on the road. 

What interesting things can be done from the Equator in Queen Elizabeth National park?

  • The impressive photography can be done with friends.
  • You can get interacted in cultural performance by the kikorongo dancing centre who are good at storytelling, exciting traditional dance, songs and many more.
  • You can encounter in craft shop of the Kokongoro women cooperative and buy handmade material things for your remembrance the tour you encountered in on Uganda’s tours in Queen Elizabeth national park as well as buying some unique T-shirts as Ugandan souvenir with nice equator themes and get number of your products from the galley and also for children many more.
  • You can have amazing geographical endeavors with other attractions in Queen Elizabeth National park

Getting there

The  Equator monument is located in Kasese district in the southwest region of Uganda which sits on the warm temperature in Queen Elizabeth National Park and can be reached by road travel from southwest Kampala the city of seven hills Uganda’s largest capital city which is approximately 400 kilometers and in hours it covers 5 to 6 hours by road . The Uganda Equator estimates 72 kilometers to reach at Kayabwe along Kampala road which can take roughly 2:20 hours by car. You can fly from Entebbe Airport to Kasese Airstrip using a charter flight in less than 1:20 minutes.

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