Uganda waterfalls Safaris –Waterfalls in Uganda; Uganda once named as the Pearl of Africa, blessed with water that runs from swampy wetlands to lakes and rivers. In Uganda there is no shortage of remarkable geography. However, Uganda has several impressive waterfalls which are often highlights of adventures across the country.

Below are some of Uganda’s spectacular waterfalls which are located with major attractions, so through visiting one of these waterfalls, you will have a great picnic life adventure  if you have a short break on your holiday journey.

Another option, you can choose to combine your visit to the waterfalls with boat safaris, rock climbing, hiking, zip lining, white water rafting or Kayaking among others.

Since most of the Uganda’s waterfalls are located in local legends, where you can easily have chances to learn about Uganda culture and storytelling.

Murchison Falls

 Visit the pearl of Africa and take a marvelous route to north west in Murchison Falls a famous waterfall in the world and renown as most powerful waterfall in the world that attracts thousands of people to visit Uganda with purpose of reaching out this unique destination. Murchison falls is located along the Victoria Nile that rises through a narrow 43-meter-long gorge before it plunges into a tumultuous foamy pool at its bottom which is truly humbling sights. The park –Murchison Falls National Park /Murchison falls is positioned in the north west between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert. Note, Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda ‘s oldest and largest game with diversity of mammals, haven for birder and primates can be seen in Kaniyo pabidi forest.

Uganda Waterfalls Safaris
Murchison Falls

One to be able to enjoy the rewardable view of Murchison Falls is either by guided walks or a boat cruise. As you approach the falls while on boat, you will experience how powerful the waterfall.

Still while on the boat cruise you can experience a clear view of the devil’s cauldron and rewarding sights of birds from Nyamski cliff.

Sipi Falls

 The Sipi falls is quiet rewarding with its powerful splashing waterfalls which are located on the slopes of Mount Elgon that lies in three amazing cascading waterfalls.

This falls were named after the ‘’Sep ‘’ known as a medicinal wild banana tree indigenous to northern Uganda. They are located at an altitude of 1,775 meter and range from 65 to 100 meter in height.

While on tour to Eastern Uganda where Sipi falls permanently resides, you can head out on a guided hike along the Sipi River through taking routes to the local communities, visit the farmland and visiting the rocky foothills to encounter each of the three falls.

If you have enough time on visit here, you can decide to visit all the three falls, on round trip which can take about 3 hours though quite challenging. However, the surrounding areas are worth your visit.

Options, you can choose to visit the most interesting trail which takes only 20 minutes to the base of one of the falls from the post office in Sipi town.

Uganda Waterfalls Safaris
Sipi falls

Remember to pack your swimming costumes because at its bottom is remarkable for a cooling swim.

Aruu Falls

 Despite being located in far regions in Uganda, Aruu falls is a beautiful rocky to view which can be visited while on safari to Kidepo Valley or Murchison Falls national parks, Uganda Waterfalls Safaris .

It is located 4:30 hours kilometers off the Padero-Kitgum highway, where you can stop and take in the breathtaking scenery and a picnic lunch.

If you have enough time, you can spend a day here and enjoy rock climbing, swimming or on a guided nature or community walk life experience.

Make sure on visit to waterfalls or rock climbing to carry comfortable rubber shoes since at a certain points the rocks can be very slippery due to the water.

Ssezibwa Falls

 The Ssezibwa falls is located just 32 kilometers east of Kampala on the way to Jinja, a visit to Ssezibwa falls will help let you know more about Uganda myths and legends.

The area is surrounded by lush green forest and characterized by sharp jutting rocks, that measures 17 meters high falls which is located between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga, also in the Ssezibwa river.

Uganda Waterfalls Safaris
Sezibwa Falls

This falls have stunning history behind where the local Baganda people believe that this falls were born of a human woman hundreds years ago, instead of having twins, she gave birth to two rivers, the Ssezibwa and the Bwanda, Uganda Waterfalls Safaris .

Today, the falls are believed to have supernatural powers and many locals visits in hope of gaining wealth, blessings and love.

Itinda falls

 This falls before it was considered as a remarkable series of rapids, located in East Africa’s adrenaline capital.

This unique falls lies in Jinja where number of adventure seekers flock for white water rafting, Kayaking and river surfing, fishing and bungee jumping.

Uganda Waterfalls Safaris
Itinda falls

Itinda falls are located close to where Rippon falls were residing, more it is considered the Nile River’s source which is the longest river in Africa, Uganda Waterfalls Safaris .

This falls replaced the Bujagali falls which was the major white water rafting rapids after the Owen Falls hydroelectric dam being built.

Kisiizi falls

The Kisiizi falls has awesome view of its waterfalls, located in Rukungiri, between Queen Elizabeth National park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Water from the Kibumba river which connect off the 27-meter-high cliff into deep gorge. The Kisiizi falls is a powerful water falls where tourists can feel the mist from 100 meter away.

From here you also engage in Zip lining which is done in forest canopy, enjoy birding and marvelous nature walks in the surrounding forested area something which beatifies Kissizi falls.

Although, there are other stunning waterfalls you can adventure in Uganda apart from the above mentioned one include; Wamala falls, Mahoma falls, Sisiya Falls which is just close to the Sipi Falls this giving.

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