8 Unique things to do in Uganda; Uganda is a touristic destination offering a bucket of things to see and do, such as the most sought species are the great mountain gorillas which can be trekked through Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, during experience trackers are provided with one hour to spend with them. However, Gorilla trekking has attracted many tourists all over the world to visit Uganda to have a close encounter with our related cousins. Trekking mountain gorillas seems to be awesome experience but there is so much more to discover in the pearl of Africa than awe-inspiring gentle giants ‘’unique mountain gorillas’’.

Role of Gorilla Trackers in Gorilla Trekking experience

Despite that fact, Uganda is quite worth tourism destination, famously once named as the Pearl of Africa due to its amazing touristic attractions, scenic nature, cool climate, hospitable people among others. More so, Uganda is also astonishing home to rare tree climbing lions, rare and unique bird species on the earth as well as spectacular natural scenery that leave your mind behind.

8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda
Tree climbing Lions in Queen

Below are some of the unique things to do in Uganda Safari Destination as follows;

Mountain Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & Mgahinga Gorilla National park

Gorilla trekking offers a great time to the travelers who visit Uganda with the aim of seeing these unique mountain gorillas. Trekking gorillas in their nature inhabitant starts in the morning after briefing at the park headquarters. Accompanied by the park rangers in forest trails in search for the assigned gorilla group, as your trekking there are chances of seeing other species of birds, small primates, tree and plant species. Once you allocate them one hour is given to you to spend time with them as you learn about their amazing behaviors that seems to be similar like for humans. Bwindi hosts the world’s half remaining mountain gorillas, located in southwestern region of Uganda approximately 8 to 9 hours’ drive from Kampala to the visited destination, 8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda.

Meaning gorilla trekking is quite inspiring activity in life.

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park-Budongo Forest Reserve

Chimpanzee tracking has different experience to a traditional gorilla trekking tours and safaris.   Rather than watching great gorillas in a quiet, you’ll follow a boisterous group of chimpanzees as they leap  in Kibale Forest a home of high concentration of  chimpanzees in the entire East Africa with over 1,500 chimpanzees or visit  Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National Park  a home to over 800 chimpanzee individuals  .They are fully habituated and ready for tracking. On daily basis, chimpanzee tracking experience can be guide d with knowledgeable guides who leads you locate to chimpanzee movements in a group of six people into their habitat. The activity can take like 30 to 6 hours to locate of a group of chimpanzees you’re searching for, when you find them one hour is provided to learn about the forest ecology, behaviors and how they survive in the wild.

8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda
Kibale Chimpanzee Tracking Safari

Search for the rare Tree-Climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Tree climbing lions are not only unique species to see in Queen Elizabeth National park but the park is also a home to four of the Big five mammals such as Lions, Leopard, Elephants and Cape Buffaloes’’. The park is also among the few places on the planet where a traveler can adventure these rare tree-climbing lions. Queen Elizabeth has different sectors to view diversity of wildlife in the park. To the southern Ishasha sectors is the best home in Queen to adventure tree climbing lions. They can be seen while hanging on a wide branch of acacia and fig trees to catch a cool breeze in order to insect bites on the ground. Note, if you’re on the safari in this region and by mistake a traveler or safari guide shouts ‘’Lions’’ never look up rather than out at the grasslands, 8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda.

The route to Queen Elizabeth National Park go through the equator in Kayabwe where you can request for the stopover and have amazing view of water experiment, enjoy feature photography.

Spot unique bird species in Uganda’s Parks

Birding enthusiast get started now to one of best birding destination on planet. Meaning Uganda is one of the richest birding destinations that attracts visitors all over the world to come get a glimpse of more than 1095 species of birds include rare species which can only be seen in Uganda.

Surprisingly  ,whatever step you take on Uganda safaris just imagine you identify variety of bird species  ,all you need to do is to keep an eye open  while on safari or walking around .The most spotted bird is the prehistoric –looking shoebill stork  ,African green broad hill ,Great turaco bird ,elusive Shelley’s crimson wing ,crested crane among other bird species which can be spotted in different parks of Uganda  mostly ;Murchison Falls ,Queen Elizabeth ,Bwindi Impenetrable Forest ,Kibale National Park many more, 8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda.

Boat ride to Victoria Nile to Murchison Falls

Absolutely, a number of tourist’s flock into Murchison Falls National Park to have closer encounter of the majestic waterfalls and boat cruise is done on base of one of Uganda’s signature wildlife activities.

The boat cruise experience takes 3 hours allowing travelers to get up close and personal with an abundance of wildlife such as hippos, Nile crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, buffaloes and notable bird species.

In Murchison there are two sessions to do boat cruise, the morning sessions provides stunning photo opportunities and the afternoon session is also rewarding. You can choose to do morning activity then after be followed by a afternoon game drive and sundowners. Or do morning game drive set with bush breakfast to set you for afternoon boat trip.

Whitewater rafting on the Nile

Someone on visit to Uganda looking out for adrenaline fueled life experience, look no further than Jinja.

Jinja has become a touristic destination with lots of things to do such as horseback riding, kayaking and bungee Jumping and nothing is more worth than white water rafting on the Nile.

8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda
White Water Rafting

The white water rafting must be done in cool water that boasts with class 1 to 6 rapids thus making an deal encounter activity for first –time rafters, families and to those looking for unforgettable adventure.

Rafters on the lower class rapids can enjoy cool leisure time floating, swimming in the river’s warm pools along the way whereas those looking for higher class rapids can choose to do a heart –pounding adventure filled with variety of thrills and spills, 8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda.

Take an encounter in a coffee safari

Soon Uganda is become next up coffee destination for specialty coffee in East Africa –Quality Arabica coffee plants.

A coffee safari in Uganda can be best done in the Sipi Falls regions or Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Coffee tours offers a great opportunity to visitors to explore coffee farms, meet local farmers and get time to learn about the process of production from field to cup aroma tea.

Experience the culture of rural communities;

Uganda’s has a unique culture with welcoming communities with hospitable people good to interact with locals and learn about their unique customs and livelihoods.

You can choose to Batwa experience near Mgahinga Gorilla National park a home to glimpse of mountain gorillas, on visit you can enjoy a living history of this tribe ‘’Batwa tribes’’ once called Mgahinga their forest home. The Batwa people are the first surviving communities in Africa.

More so, visit the IK people in far Northeast of Kidepo Valley National Park of Uganda along Mount Morungole. To access them you will need to take a challenging day long hike to their isolated home land. You will be able to enjoy there enjoy amazing life style and their historical back ground.

8 Unique Things to Do in Uganda
Ik People

Get started planning now the ultimate Uganda Itinerary  and get to enjoy a list of incredible experiences from wildlife viewing to cultural attractions right way on African continent.

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